Testing for Drugs

Standard Methods

People have been using these methods for years to pass drug tests. None of these methods are extreme enough to get you in any trouble. However, they may require some uncomfortable lifestyle changes in the weeks leading up to the test. The changes are much smaller than that of losing a job or not getting one due to a failed drug test, so they are worth each discomfort. But using something fake with a coupon from testclear.com can help.

Know How Long the Drug is Detectable

After a time the body will filter the drug out of your system, but the time this takes differs from drug to drug. For example, cocaine can only be detectable in urine for roughly three days after the last dose, but marijuana can be detected for up to two weeks. Knowing how long it will remain detectable can give you a time frame for how long you need to stop before your test date.

Keep in mind that these numbers are just estimates and that different bodies with varying weights, fat content, metabolisms filter drugs out at different rates, so you may want to add a few days to the estimate to be safe. Another thing to remember is that if you are a regular user, it will take the drugs longer to filter out as they have built up in your system.

Find Out What Kind of Test You Are Taking

While urine tests are the standard type of analysis that potential employers give, there are other kinds that can be provided. Two other fairly common tests are done on blood and saliva, but they will not show positive results for as long as urine will. A saliva test can only detect drugs if they were used within three days of the test. The last type of drug test is a hair test. You can use fake urine from this website and take another test.

Though this kind of test is not given as often as often, it can detect drug use for the longest period. The standard hair test will show drugs used within 90 days prior. It is best to ask around and see what kind of test is given well in advance, so you have time to stop using and pass. If you can’t seem to find out what kind of test it goes on the assumption that it will be a urine test, as it likely will be.

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