Other Tips

Know What Drugs the Test is For 

Some drug tests are only for one drug, or drugs that all lie within the same class of drug. It is essential that you can confirm whether any medicines you do are going to be on the test. In a best-case scenario, you learn they are not testing for anything that you are doing. In the worst situation, you discover that they are testing for something that you would come up positive for. Knowing this allows you to determine what steps you need to take to be ready for the test when it comes, an important part to passing a test has a plan and to do this you need to know what they are looking for so you can make sure to have it out of your system. 

Don’t Do Drugs in the Time Leading Up to the Test 

This may seem like the most obvious answer of them all, but some people don’t want to give up their recreational drug use. People like this think they can beat the test, however, to be safe it is a good idea to abstain from drug use a couple of weeks before your trial. This gives your body time to get rid of all evidence of drug use naturally. A bonus of using this method is that allowing yourself time to detox naturally will cause you less stress in the end and overall pretty much guarantees that the results will come up clean. The only downside of this is it may be difficult if you have developed a dependency on the drug you need to detox from it can get very difficult to do this. 

Flush Your System  

This method works only for a urine test and involves drinking a lot of water before the test. Having a lot of water in your system will dilute the concentration of drugs. The idea of this method is that the drugs will be diluted so much that the levels of metabolites with drugs in them will be so low that the test will not be able to detect them, thus producing in a negative result. It is important to remember there are some risks that come with doing this. Drinking too much water can throw off the body’s chemical balance which is not only dangerous but will show in a urine sample and give you away. This method can be extremely successful you just have to remember to pace yourself and not to take into much water at once because water toxicity can be a real issue if you’re not careful. 

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