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Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham Bridal 2014.


Fashion inspiration 101 – Wear what Kate wears. No, not really. That Jenny Packham gown is too gorgeous and too exclusive to be put up for sale any ol’ how (or so they say). First – and probably last – seen on the Duchess of Cambridge when she attended the Portrait Gala 2014 at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the gown isn’t on sale as it’s specially made in this midnight blue tone to suit the lady and her jewels.


While we won’t get a loan from the Queen herself (I’m talking jewels here), we can try to emulate Kate’s elegance. Here are three gowns I’ve specially picked for you!


gowns Shop Teal We Drop

Gowns we can actually wear!


1) Tiered Chiffon Gown by Adrianna Papell, $198, available on

2) Chiffon Metallic Gown in Navy by Issa, $845, available on Forward by Elyse Walker

3) Strapless Sweetheart Chiffon Gown by La Femme, $360, available on


I really love the gown by Issa. I used to love Dior gowns, but then I switched to Elie Saab and Marchesa, and now it seems Jenny Packham’s in my radar too, even though she’s more known for her bridal collections than haute couture. What do you think of Kate’s dress?






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Review: The Mary Kay TimeWise Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion


DSC 4139new Review: The Mary Kay TimeWise Body Targeted Action Toning Lotion

The Mary Kay TimeWise Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion.


Cellulite is the bane of most of our existence. The uneven layers of fat under the skin. Ever wondered why the men don’t get it?


There are several reasons women are more prone to getting orange skin, and one of them is that our collagen structure is weaker than that of our male friends. Collagen is a connective tissue that helps to hold fat together, so the stronger it is, the better the fat sticks together, and the less uneven they will be. For guys, their collagen looks like a criss-cross wire fence. Something like this:


ASOS Wire Fench Top Review: The Mary Kay TimeWise Body Targeted Action Toning Lotion

ASOS Cami in Cage Print, available HERE.


Whereas for us women, our collagen looks something like this:


ASOS Striped Top Review: The Mary Kay TimeWise Body Targeted Action Toning Lotion

ASOS Blouse in Stripe Print, available HERE.


Now that, my dear readers, is something no amount of genetic modification can change, so we might as well submit to fate. Yet, I always say that if I could choose whether to be male or female, I’d surely choose the latter because, hey, how else are we going to have fun without all that clothes, makeup and shoes!


So since cellulite is in-built for us dainty fellas, obviously we should do something about it (unless we don’t really care). I’ve tried cellulite busting creams and the latest on my dresser is the Mary Kay TimeWise Body Targeted-Action Toning Lotion. I had previously tried it when I was given a sample tube, and I fell in love with the results that I went ahead and bought a full-sized one from a random independent consultant I found online.

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OOTD: Enter the Red


photo 1newedited OOTD: Enter the Red

Candid shot.


It’s been a while since I last did an OOTD entry. What better time to resurrect the fashionista in me than Chinese New Year? It didn’t start well, as I was suffering from a bout of flu ever since my birthday. The only thing that didn’t make me feel like collapsing on the tiles and breathing my last breath was the sun. A little bit of warmth always helps to keep me sane when I’m sick.

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The Etude House Chocolate Kiss Collection (Plus a Giveaway)

As January draws to an end, the next thing on our minds inevitably points towards the 14th of February. For some, it’s quite the exciting day, because, you know, it’s the first time of their lives they’re celebrating it with someone. For others, it can get rather annoying, seeing girls walk down Orchard Road with human-sized teddy bears with smug satisfaction imprinted on their faces. There’s no guessing which category I belong to, but just to set the record straight, I’m somewhere in between the two.


I do like Valentine’s Day but to be honest, any day could be a perfect Valentine’s. And what would anyone do with teddy bears that aren’t of any use? Guys, if there’s one thing you should not get a potential lover for V-day, it’s definitely some cuddly tuft of wool (unless it’s her kind of thing). We ladies like something more… practical these days. You know, like makeup *ahem*. Or maybe I’m just getting old.


DSC 4074new The Etude House Chocolate Kiss Collection (Plus a Giveaway)

The Etude House Chocolate Kiss Collection.

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Ad: My Chinese New Year Fashion Picks at Zalora

The time has come yet again for children’s songs and sounds of fire crackers playing over the sound system in malls. Chinese New Year is what it is! Say yes to all the bak kwa, pineapple tarts and love letters galore. Are you still searching for something new to wear? Let me show you what I’ve picked out from Zalora‘s Chinese New Year Sale!


There are five main brands to pick from: Ezra, Inner Circle CNY, ML X AC, Clothier and Moon River. Each brand’s got something different to offer, so whether you prefer cheongsams or loose tops, you should find something to your liking!


Collage 3 Ad: My Chinese New Year Fashion Picks at Zalora

Skinny Pants by Melinda Looi X Amber Chia.

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Link Love: Pretzels, Nudes and Turquoise Glamour

I’ve been a bit on the baking and cooking streak lately, making pasta which everyone seems to love. Hint: It’s all about the sauce! Baking last weekend proved to be a semi-success as well, when the boyfriend and I made some fondant moelleux for the family. The chocolate lava cakes tasted the way they should, but were a bit flat in the middle. Like this already half-eaten one:


Lava Cake Link Love: Pretzels, Nudes and Turquoise Glamour

Picture from my Instagram account (@lacedivory).


But if going near an oven isn’t your kind of thing, maybe you’d want to give no-bake recipes a try. I started with cheesecakes, after all. This month, you’ll learn how easy it is to make something that tastes so good (and involve your child at the same time)!


Link Love Jan 2014 new2 Link Love: Pretzels, Nudes and Turquoise Glamour

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Review and Swatch: The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


DSC 3883new Review and Swatch: The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I finally got it!


I love fashion, glitz and glamour but one thing is for sure: I never follow trends. For one, they are so hard and troublesome to keep up with! Also, sometimes trends are so ridiculous, I find it hard to understand why people bother at all.


When the first Naked palette came out years back, it felt like I was the only one unfazed by it. 12 bronze shades, better suited to warm skin tones and overall neutral. I owned several neutral and smokey palettes and when combined, they worked as well or even better than the Naked. So I gave it a miss. When the Naked 2 launched shortly after, I was still unmoved, especially since it is very similar to the original palette.


But then came the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The moment I laid eyes on the press releases from Urban Decay (and from blog reviews later on), I knew I had to get it. You know like how when you meet The One, you just… know? Exactly. A palette full of pinks that complement one another to create a range of looks from day to night – It was just what I needed.

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Review & Swatch: The Agnès B Monobulle Eyeshadow in H104 Bronze Allegro


DSC 3866new Review & Swatch: The Agnès B Monobulle Eyeshadow in H104 Bronze Allegro

Loving the engraving on the eyeshadow!


When you travel, do you travel for the food, music, sights, slower pace of life or all of that altogether? Of course it’s everything! I made sure to pack some Agnès B makeup from Europe before heading home to sunny Singapore last December. As I’ve never tried this brand of eyeshadows before – and it’s not available on our island – I practised caution and got only a couple of items: the Agnès B Monobulle Eyeshadow in H104 Bronze Allegro and eyeliner in another wearable shade.

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My Travel Beauty Companions


IMG 0704 2new My Travel Beauty Companions


When celebrities endorse a product, brand or service, how much of what they say do you believe in? That’s right. But when a friend tells you all about the super delicious tarte tatin from the French café right around the corner, you can’t wait to try it out for yourself. That’s why I’m showing you the products that I brought along with me to my recent trip to Europe. Everything in here has my stamp of approval!

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Reflections: My Recent Life in Words


shutterstock 58629481 copy Reflections: My Recent Life in Words

Looking back on the past, seeing the present through polished glass.


I’ve met a lot of people in the course of the past few years, most of whom my studies and blogging on Laced Ivory have brought to me. Not many people know the real me, and in fact, those who do, I can count with one hand. In reflecting the past year and some significant events in my life, perhaps it’s a way for me to say, “Hey, here’s how you can get to know me in all honesty – and I would like you to.”


Who am I?


By nature, I’m an introvert but not the kind that people usually expect. I’m more of an observer than an extrovert but I participate by contributing in ways that are seemingly lacking in a social setting. I love bravely, live forgivingly – and I absolutely hate liars. I’m a typical Aquarius, but if you know the traits of one, you’ll know that there isn’t such a thing as a typical Aquarius. I choose who I befriend, who I hold close to my heart, who I allow myself to be vulnerable with. I also choose who I don’t bother about and will probably never think of again the rest of my life. I make decisions by asking myself the same concluding question every time: “Will I regret this later?” If I don’t know the answer to that, I go with my instinct. I don’t do blame – it’s a great waste of time.


I’m always moving forward but I carry my past with me all the time. I like challenges, sometimes a bit too much so that I suffer. But I also believe that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If it does kill you, you die anyway, and your journey may continue or not. Death does not scare me – not having lived before I die does. Which is why I choose to live each day positively. I choose to be happy because life on earth is but transient. I believe everything in life happens for a reason, whether I know what that reason is or not. And it doesn’t matter whether I know this cause, because the universe is so much greater than what I – or anyone – can ever perceive it to be, that my life and everything in or around it, is simply part of a grander picture. To a microbe, a planet is unimaginable. To a human, so is the universe.

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