Vietnam Tripping: Of Hot Shorts and Sequins


Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Cross Body Bag


Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Cross Body Bag


Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Cross Body Bag


Mondo Sandals


Sequinned Peplum Top: Zalora

Tailored Shorts: ASOS (similar here)

Mini MAC Cross Body Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Shades: Tory Burch (similar here)

Sandals: Mondo

Ear Studs: Mimco

Photographer: Mr. Ratatouille


The thing about Hanoi is that it’s way too hot! It’s a pretty crowded city with crazy traffic that knows no direction. If you do a lot of walking in the city, you’ll have to watch where you’re going.

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Vietnam Tripping: Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

In our recent trip to Vietnam, we stayed a night at Golden Sun Suites Hotel in Hanoi. I previously reviewed Hanoi Pearl Hotel on the blog, and if you missed it, you can read it here.


As this was our second time in Hanoi, we were more familiar with the area and had a good time just chilling out and cafehopping. Currently, it is ranked on Tripadvisor as #8 of 521 hotels in Hanoi and has won the 2015 Travellers’ Choice Award for its service. We booked this hotel via Agoda and had no problems with our reservation.


Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

We got upgraded to a suite on the top floor.




The hotel is located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, at 35 Hang Quat, Hanoi 1000, Vietnam. It’s extremely affordable for a decent hotel with great service and the location is super convenient if you’re into walking around the area to explore it. It’s located pretty near the night market, which is open on weekends. Walking around will take you through street vendors and stores selling souvenirs and shoes.




We’d booked a deluxe room but were pleasantly surprised when the hotel gave us a free upgrade to their suite on the top floor. The top floor can only be accessed by taking the elevator to the 7th floor and then walking up the stairs to the 8th floor. So, if you can’t carry your luggage up, you’ll need a drone to do it for you.


I’m kidding. I’m sure this hotel didn’t win a service award for nothing.


Our suite was lovely. It was larger than what we needed, though no complains here at all. I love how they have little white stones and the wooden panel in the shower, which make showering quite a relaxing activity. The bed was definitely comfortable, as was the soft chaise at the side. After 2 days of trekking in the countryside, this was such a welcome.


Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

Watching National Geographic (not the channel shown here) is our final activity before bedtime – always.


Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

Pretty bathroom.


Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

A pink rose for you?


Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

Some necessities provided as well.


Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

Rain shower included.


Golden Sun Suites Hotel Review

The wooden planks and pretty white stones to zen you out during shower time.




The service was great. As we had reached the hotel before the check-in time, we were allowed to place our baggage with the reception before leaving for our day trip to Hoa Lu. Upon returning that evening, we were informed by the reception that there was a problem with our cruise booking for the next day (the cruise company had called the hotel up to check on our reservation). The receptionist was so kind as to act as a translator between the cruise guy and me when I couldn’t understand a word he was saying on the other end of the line. When everything was settled, and we’d gone up to our suite, our baggage was already placed in it as promised.


Now, what is trekking and moving luggages if you don’t break a nail or two? As expected, the nail on my index finger was the first to go – but it didn’t go quite entirely. I needed a nail clipper or a pair of tiny scissors and simply wouldn’t head to bed without first tidying it up. The exasperated boyfriend headed back to the reception and returned with a pair of scissors. Although I don’t expect hotels to stock up on nail clippers – though they would definitely make money out of selling them – having a spare pair of scissors is definitely handy. I’ve stayed in hotels in the past that wouldn’t lend their guests scissors unless they brought whatever it was that needed cutting to the lobby. This was such an improvement in comparison and it saved my knitted cardigan from any potential tugging accidents.


Overall & Price


Most hotels in Hanoi have roses placed in them (you’ll find out why in my next post), and I liked how the ones here are pink. At S$53 a night for a deluxe room, which includes a buffet breakfast and free wifi, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable and affordable stay in Hanoi.


Live young,


Vietnam Tripping: Hanoi Pearl Hotel Review

Hello from sunny Singapore! I’m finally back home and feeling pretty recharged from our recent trip to Vietnam. After all the hotel stays, long bus rides, day trips to nearby cities, trekking with Hmong tribes in Sapa and a wonderful cruise in Halong Bay, it’s time to write about the places we’ve stayed in.


In this first edition of my travel tales in Vietnam, I’ll be reviewing the first hotel we stayed in the city – Hanoi Pearl Hotel.


Hanoi Pearl Hotel Review

Cute colonial-looking sleeping area, I’d say!


At the moment, this hotel is ranked by Tripadvisor as #124 of 521 hotels in Hanoi and has a certificate of excellence under its belt. We booked this hotel via Expedia and had no problems with checking in.




The hotel can be found at Number 6, Bao Khanh Lane | Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi 844, Vietnam. It’s located in the charming Old Quarter of Hanoi, not far from Hoan Kiem Lake. Price-wise, it’s pretty affordable and location-wise, it’s very convenient for exploring the area.




Our room was a superior room, and its size suited two people just nice. The room was clean and neat, and had everything that I needed as a guest. However, one thing struck me as odd: We didn’t have any windows!


Hanoi Pearl Hotel Review

Lovely little work desk.


Hanoi Pearl Hotel Review

Tidy bathroom. You can see the little window that opens at the bottom.


Hanoi Pearl Hotel Review

Basin area, which fits one person nicely and two people a bit snugly.


Hanoi Pearl Hotel Review

Some necessities provided by the hotel. So thankful for the cotton buds!


Hanoi Pearl Hotel Review

The sleeping area once again.


The only window we had was a small one in the bathroom, which opened up to the wall of the neighbouring building, which was about 50cm away. So although you don’t see much from there, at least you’ll know if it’s raining or not.




The service in general was good. The receptionists and manager on duty were always smiling, seemed relaxed and happy, and were up for a little chat when they weren’t too busy. They have umbrellas in the lobby that you can borrow, and how awesome that was, for on our second day in Hanoi, it rained. That same evening, as we waited (again, in the lobby) for our pick-up to arrive to send us to the train station, I requested for the receptionist to call our tour company to confirm that they were on their way to get us. It all went ahead without a glitch.


Overall & Price


The first thing you’ll notice about the hotel is the musky scent the moment you enter. While it might not suit some people, I didn’t really have a problem with it. Breakfast was decent as well, though nothing absolutely fancy. There’s the traditional Asian porridge if you’re craving for some hot food in the morning but you’ll have to add some garnishing to it (these are also provided and placed beside the porridge).


The overall ambience of this hotel is relaxing, welcoming and pretty chill. I’ll let you decide if you’d like to reserve a room at this hotel, but if you’re not fussy and are just staying in town for the night, this hotel serves its purpose. At S$80 a night for a superior room, which includes free wifi and a buffet breakfast, I’d say it is generally all right if you’re not picky about the view.


Never lose sight of the explorer within you,


Home Inspo: 7 Gorgeous Bar Cart Styles


Bar Cart Styling Introduction


Moving into your own apartment is so tiring but it’s also so rewarding. You’ve got all these things, which you’ve accumulated over the years to pack, move and unpack into your new place; and there are tons of other adult stuff that you need to be responsible for. Like signing up for internet service that’s within your budget (preferably one that allows you to watch Netflix wherever you are), registering for a new billing account, getting new furniture, and deciding on the layout of your new space.


Apart from realising you’re finally on your own, there’s also the independence and freedom to have guests over whenever you like. That’s when your collection of whisky, champagne and wine glasses get to be presented in all their glory.


What better way to do that than to have your very own bar cart? Here are 7 gorgeous bar cart styles I’ve found, that could give you all the inspiration you need for your very first one.


7 Gorgeous Bar Carts for Work & Play

7 Gorgeous Bar Carts for Work & Play
Picture 1 of 7

Fill it up with a supply of San Pellegrino and flowers.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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Glam on the Go: A GlamPact Tutorial


GlamPact Tutorial


A couple of weeks ago on the blog, you saw the GlamPact up close and personal. Today, I’m sharing a tutorial on how you can use the GlamPact by Glam-It! to look glam on the go. Everything I use in this tutorial are from my own customised GlamPact, where the shades and product modules were selected by me beforehand. To find out how you can customise your own GlamPact, you can head on over to my blog review here.


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5 Comfy Footwear for the Girl with the Pointed Toe


Comfy Footwear


Apparently, according to Chinese feng shui masters or fortune tellers, if you’ve got tiny toes, you’re said to be responsible and make a good spouse. If you’ve got relatively long toes, you’re famous and influential. I wouldn’t say mine are long; They’re of a good enough length, I suppose. But my longest toe has got to be the first big toe, the one that everybody gets stubbed in the door. And that’s where my shoe woes come in.


By now, you should have tried on enough shoes to know that what fits one person does not necessarily fit another as snugly. The shapes of our feet are as varied as the number of Vogue issues and even our own feet aren’t exact mirror images of each other. For someone like me who has a pointed first toe (followed by the rest of the toes in a gradual slope outwards), here are 5 comfy footwear types, which are also stylish and functional, that can take you through your day.


{All items recommended are from Shopbop, ASOS, Nordstrom and Zalora.}





Flip-flops are my staple. I own 3 pairs of them, on top of a couple other variations with wedges and heels. They are superb footwear for ventilation, quick trips to the grocery store and lounging days by the beach. They are the easiest thing to slip on and off, and come in all sorts of design to match whatever bikini you’re wearing for the day. As you can tell, I’m really a beach kind of girl.


Open-Toe Sandals



Open-toe sandals allow your first toe just enough space to peek comfortably out. Each time I put on a pair of these, I can almost imagine my toe heaving a sigh of relief. Space! I have space! The effect is kind of like taking off your belt after a full buffet dinner, now that I think about it. It helps if these sandals are flat as well, but a little heel won’t hurt either.


Peep-Toe Pumps



Sometimes, we all have to wear some high heels to boost our confidence. Be it at work or at the clubs, regardless what naysayers feel about heels, these shoes can make you the star of the night (or day). Platforms provide some support for the balls of your feet and give you some added height, so I say go for these first. In any case, peep-toes also allow your first toe to peek out and get that extra space it needs to feel comfortable. Do take note of possible chafing near the nail bed (of your first toe), though it can easily be solved with some candle wax.


Flat Boots



If you’re more outdoorsy and love a good hike, you’d probably want to thank the inventor of flat boots. They can be tall, mid-calf or just short booties. There’s one for every significant occasion you can think of, such as travelling solo in a new city, or experiencing winter for the first time.


Pointed Flats



We all have those days where we really want to look like we made an effort to look good but just didn’t have the energy to do so. That’s where pointed flats come in. They’re comfy, sleek, stylish and they cover up any chipped polish on your toes. ‘Nuff said.


Stay classy,



Image credit: I Hate Blonde

Link Love: A Summer in Wanderlust




If you’re a lover of travel, then you’re just like me. Oh, if only travelling isn’t so expensive, and if only I had all the time in the world to travel to anywhere I want. But I suppose for now, that’s why blogs exist – websites where people can share their stories in bundles of pictorials and prose.


I’ve just returned from a trip in northern Vietnam and I’m already missing all that is out there to see. So for today, let’s just make do with some summer travel tales and daydreams of untold seafaring.

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Top 5 Wardrobe Staples – For the Girl Who Lives on the Equator


Top 5 Wardrobe Staples


Woe are the days when we look into our closet full of clothes, only to fall back into despair, realising quite incredulously that we haven’t got anything to wear. The problem is actually not knowing how to match what we’ve already got, such that our outfits can look as new as if they were just bought.


Here are my top 5 wardrobe staples, which every girl living near the equator must have. Click on each tab below to reveal my tips and see what pieces I’ve specially selected for you.


Pencil Skirts



Pencil skirts are a must, especially if you are a working adult. They not only emphasise your figure (yes, even you, the one who thinks you don’t have a good figure) but are also versatile. They can be worn for work or dinner dates with friends, and go very well with a loose fitting button-down top or peplum top. Even when taking a trip to a nearby country, they’re casual and surprisingly easygoing when matched with a basic tank top.


Basic Tops



Basic tops are for days when the sun gets on everybody’s nerves and the humidity threatens to suffocate. In Singapore, that’s kind of like, every day. Basic tops can be tees or tanks, and they’re the most comfy when loose fitting. A centralised bold print or two adds an edge to your outfit, but plain ones also go very well with a good pair of denim shorts. In general, basic tops are great for days by the beach, weekend markets or the grocery store.


Denim Shorts



Denim shorts are the best shorts there can be. The texture is stylish and distinct, and they go well with flip flops, flats, heels and even booties. You can wear them to almost everywhere, except maybe for a job interview. I’d bet that you can even wear them to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time and they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid (of course, on a sunny day – and no butt cheeks).


Summer Dresses



What’s summer without a summer dress? Make that plural.


Summer dresses are so convenient. You literally don’t even need to consider what to wear them with, other than which bag to carry and which footwear to slip your feet into. I love a good fun, flowy mini dress, or a simple basic maxi dress. Summer’s all about moving around, so stock up on nothing too tight. And when it gets cold in the bus on your way home, just drape a scarf over your shoulders or put jacket on and you’re good to go.


Leather Jacket



Even in the summer heat, temperatures can dip. In Singapore, this is especially so when you’re indoors, where air conditioning seems to be free of charge and extremely efficient in teleporting the air from Antarctica. Other times, it can be the sudden downpour coupled with tree-uprooting winds. Whatever the case, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


A leather jacket is an investment piece that every girl should own and wear. If you only have one, make it black. Two, a black and burgundy/berry. Anything more than that, and you probably already own a walk-in wardrobe like the one at the very start of this blog entry.


Stay glamourous,



Image credit: Mediberian

Review: The GlamPact by Glam-It!


GlamPact Review

The all new GlamPact by Glam-It!


If you were a 90’s girl, you’d definitely have heard of Polly Pocket. I’m not sure if girls these days still get it for Christmas but back in the day, it was my favourite toy. And quite recently, the GlamPact by Glam-It! has taken me back to the times when I marvelled at the lights and moving ducklings in my old Polly Pocket.


The GlamPact was launched a few years ago in Hong Kong by beauty maven Jennifer Cheng, and it was only in the past few months that the compact had undergone a refreshing makeover. No longer black, the new GlamPact is now pretty in baby pink and has new individual makeup modules that you can select for your very own customisable GlamPact.

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Rave & Review: The Depend GelLack


Depend GelLack Review

Sit tight for my Depend GelLack Review. You’ll want to read it.


Fans of gelish rejoice. I’ve been introduced to a safer and long-lasting alternative, known as the Depend GelLack, which you can do on your own in the comfort of your home.


I’ve never done gel manicures because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about having them removed after a few weeks. Your nails are thinned, dry and brittle and you can’t apply anything on them afterwards. However, the Depend GelLack kit and polishes go easy on your nails, so that you can have colour that doesn’t chip off.


I repeat, it doesn’t chip off. At all. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in for a while.


Now let’s take a closer look at the starter kit.

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