OOTD: Monochrome Spring


Clozette Party 2014

A pretty stand-up bouquet like this would brighten anyone’s day.


I love weddings, especially the beautifully well-thought out decorations that fit a romantic theme. But no, this isn’t it. This sigh-inducing bouquet of roses caught my eye when I attended a recent tea party organised by Clozette Singapore at Blisshouse. I had quite some fun catching up with my blogger friends and meeting new people that I completely forgot to get some glitter tattoos done!


I gathered quite a bit of positive comments on my outfit that day, so I thought I’d share what I wore.


Clozette Party 2014

1. ASOS Kimono Top (similar here) | 2. ASOS Petite Tailored Shorts | 3. London Rebel Barely There Sandal with Gold Stud Toe Strap | 4. Aldo Longstreet Flower Clutch


Clozette Party 2014

1. ASOS Kimono Top (similar here) | 2. ASOS Petite Tailored Shorts | 3. London Rebel Barely There Sandal with Gold Stud Toe Strap | 4. Aldo Longstreet Flower Clutch

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Feature: Chacott Freed of London


Chacott Freed of London Mandarin Gallery


Chacott Freed of London Mandarin Gallery

Tutu of my dreams.


I must admit, I know nuts about ballet. When I was a kid (say, around 10 years old), I’d scoff at all the girls who were part of the school’s dance team because I thought they were too gu niang (“ladylike,” for those of you who don’t really know singlish). Taking ballet lessons never crossed my mind and it was only when Billy Elliot came out that the world of ballet was introduced proper to me.


Of course, to this day, vanity wins. I mean, why would I ever want my toes to be deformed and feet to suffer from blisters? Ballet is tough. Making it look perfectly graceful while controlling the muscles all over your body is even tougher. I’ll leave it to the professionals, thank you very much. And what do professionals deserve if not the best?


I attended the official launch of Chacott Freed of London at Mandarin Gallery in Singapore earlier this month and was surprised to find that on top of tutus, pointes, ballroom dancing shoes and yoga wear, there is a complete range of Chacott for Professionals stage makeup too!

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Manicure Idea: Hide that Gelish


Manicure Idea: Hide that Gelish

You’d never know it was there.


I love it when conversations at my workplace turn into beauty talk! The most recent breakfast did-you-know topic was on gelish and how harmful this manicure technique is to the nails. Applying it on isn’t so bad but taking it off – let’s just say it strips your nails of all its sturdiness and leaves it soft, like bread dipped in milk.


My most recent gelish was done using a bright red polish and had a snakeskin pattern on the odd finger.



Knowing how destructive the removal of gelish manicures can be, plus the fact that they cost at least $20 per soak-off, I decided against paying a visit to the nail salon. Instead, here’s what I did and what you can try: Paint over it with a darker nail polish shade and let it grow out.

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Eat, Pray, Love – Singapore


Eat, Pray, Love - Singapore

Do all that she did, but only in Singapore.


Maybe this is a little late for a post titled as such, but I got inspired while prancing around imaginary magazine recommendations. I’ve read the book but not watched the movie, so personally, I don’t know if there’s a disconnect between the two. What I do know is that Elizabeth Gilbert found herself while eating, praying and loving along the way in her travels. I don’t suppose we all need to do whatever she did in order to restore some sense of balance in our lives, but there’ll always come a time when we need to just get away for a little while.


Here are some of my recommendations on where you should pamper yourself, while keeping your tummy, soul and heart sane.



Artisan Boulangerie Co

Lovely poached eggs brunch at Artisan Boulangerie Co.

1. Artisan Boulangerie Co.

I was introduced this gem of a place by a friend who frequents it. There are a few outlets, and they make awesome quiches, pies and tarts. Visit the outlet at Kiliney Road for brunch on a weekend before hitting the stores afterwards.


2. TWG Tea

One of my favourites is TWG Tea, a place that’s perfect for afternoon teas (they have an endless array of teas to choose from) and chats with girlfriends. Their tea salons serve food apart from sandwiches, macarons and the like, and you can get mean main dishes for dinner. End that dinner with one of their desserts in the display counters and tell yourself it’s all worth the price.

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Link Love: Sydney Dreaming


Link Love: Sydney Dreaming


Weekends are becoming a rest-and-recuperate kind of thing for us around here. Saturdays are for exercising and shopping (for me), while Sunday mornings are for lazing in bed. In between all that, we make plans and I blog.


Mr. Ratatouille and I are planning our trip this coming June, and word has it that we’re headed to Australia! Sydney’s the first city on our itinerary, so that’s why in today’s Link Love entry, it’s all about Australia and what she has to offer.


1. Erica from Lifestyle Tea shares her list -and videos – of lazy Sunday songs.

2. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia takes us behind and in front of the scenes of the MBFW 2014.

3. The people at Concrete Playground tell us where to find the 10 best vintage stores in Sydney.

4. Vanessa from Flip and Style shows us how to pack for the long weekend.

5. The guides from The Urban List recommends Sydney’s 9 best new cafés for the year.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (2014 Ed.)

Mother’s Day in Singapore and many parts of the world doesn’t arrive till a month later but that doesn’t mean we can’t start shopping for our beloved mummies now! This post is dedicated to my mum (of course) and to all my friends who are mums of their own now. My, I never thought this day would come, when my friends from 15 years ago are now parents of little tots with ultimate cheeks.


Mother's Day Gift Ideas (2014 Ed.)

1. This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle | 2. Cath Kidston Blossom Body Lotion 250ml | 3. Cath Kidston Painterly Rose & Big Spot Set of 2 Tea Towels | 4. Cath Kidston Blossom Bath & Body Hat Box | 5. Korres Japanese Rose Gift Set | 6. StudioSarah Happy Mother’s Day Card | 7. River Island Floral Quilt Makeup Bag | 8. SOY Candle Moroccan Rose & Fig | 9. Cath Kidston Key Fob | 10. Cath Kidston Blossom Large Candle | 11. Ciaté Limited Edition Dolls House Mini Polish Set


Most of the items I’m featuring are from Cath Kidston because who can resist that floral pattern they do so well? It does help that ASOS is having a 20% off their store at the moment, so use the code XTRA20 when you checkout (all the items are on ASOS). I hope you’ll make your mummy happy this year!

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Tutorial: ID Day


ID Photo FOTD Tutorial

Smile for the camera!


I finally got down to making my next video, just when I needed to get my photo taken for my new passport (next major travel trip in June)! Your passport photo is one of the most overlooked pictures you can have. I know some people don’t really bother dressing up for it – who else looks at your passport besides the customs officers, right? But I learnt from a past episode of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model that one look at your ID picture could be all it takes to make a difference. Besides, you can print out several copies of that one picture and use it for other purposes, such as your work pass or resume.


This video was such fun to film, partly because Mr. Ratatouille was my videographer and he really cracked me up big time. You’ll see me talking here and there in the video too, and that’s me giving him instructions – we’re both newbies to this filming thing. A couple of my fingers have bruises on them, souvenirs of my recent snorkelling trip.


Read on to watch the video and see the list of items I used, plus some comments I have on the overall look!


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Four Midi Skirts that Don’t Break the Bank


ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Scuba

ASOS Full Midi Skirt in Scuba with Tiered Seam Detail, $58.33.


Club L Pencil Skirt in Check, $18.81 (on sale)

Club L Pencil Skirt in Check, $18.81 (on sale).


ASOS Midi Skirt with Sheer Hem

ASOS Midi Skirt with Sheer Hem, $71.49.


ASOS Full Midi Skirt

ASOS Full Midi Skirt, $41.39.


I’ve been shopping quite a bit on ASOS recently (it’s my favourite online store) and came across these beautiful midi skirts that are so perfect for work or even casual wear. The best part is that they don’t cost a bomb either! To browse through more skirts (including mini’s and maxi’s) and bag that sale item, head on over to the skirt department in The Style Store now!






Tutorial: Dramatic Cat Eyes for Asian Eyes


Dramatic cat eyes for asian eyes

Not your average girl next door.


I did my second-ever video, this time on a dramatic cat eye look for Asians. The front part of the video where I applied foundation and drew in the lines for the liner aren’t included, as they weren’t filmed. My SD card had filled up pretty quickly with photos and pictures from my recent trip to Malaysia!



A little bit about creating this look:

Start with the end in mind. As an Asian, I have the typical hooded lids many Asians have. So, I begin by drawing the outline of the cat eye first and then filling it up with black – lots of it! The black colour should be visible when the eyes are fully opened, and give that extra pop of feline seduction when eyes are closed. Liquid liner on top of the gel liner helps to add an extra depth to the black shade, while eyeshadow on top of this helps to seal everything in and prevent creasing or smudging.

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OOTD: Colour Blocking in the Sand


OOTD Featuring Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Stripe Medium Tote

A quick close-up!


OOTD Featuring Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Stripe Medium Tote

Walk towards the sun, so your shadows fall behind you.


OOTD Featuring Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Medium Tote

Put a flower in your hair and walk on by.

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