christmas in lyon

hi everyone! i can finally blog! the bad news is that i’m sick with the flu and i probably can’t blog very well but i’m going to try and put as much as i can in here for your reading pleasure.

i got to lyon, xav’s hometown, immediately after touching down in paris. we missed the first train because my luggage took forever to arrive on the belt so we had to get tickets for the next one. really expensive, those first class tickets. they were the only ones left available for that day. when we got to lyon, we went to la part dieu, a shopping mall. there were more presents to be bought for christmas a few days later.

christmas itself was fun! we didn’t have a christmas eve countdown. instead, dinner that night was awesome. everyone made something for the “potluck” and xav and i made pad thai, which turned out successful!

an alcoholic drink concocted by xav’s dad. that’s sugar, not salt, and it was yummy.

caldis (the pastry thingy you see) was superb!

i almost tried oysters. until xav showed me they were still alive till the moment you add lemon juice on top.

feuilletes d’escargots. superb too!!!

we played pictionary in french on christmas day to see who got to open their presents. it was fun! =) and for the record, i didn’t use a dictionary! we had turkey for lunch too.

nice christmas tree and presents.

chloe doing the final touches on the pommes dauphines that xav prepared.

that evening, we all went to watch avatar in 3d. my first time in a french cinema! we watched the original version of the film that was in english. i liked the movie!

the ferris wheel that’s put out specially for christmas every year.

the queues at the cinema.

i had a great time at lyon and i’d love to go back again! i didn’t have time to do any shopping while i was there even though there were h&m and sephora. xav and i did quite a bit of grocery shopping for the others as well as ourselves too, for ingredients to make that evening’s dinner.

next entry coming up: my stay at alpe d’huez. keep a lookout!

in paris!

hey hey! today was quite eventful! we went to the louvre and to the eiffel tower! i’m glad we managed to take pictures WITH the tower this time! =) i’m so happy to be here. i don’t want to go back to singapore. really, i don’t. singapore sucks. it’s sad that i only have 1 more day left here and i’ve a meeting on the very day i get back to work. argh. i hate singapore!!!

anyway, today was really fun even though it was soooooo cold. i hope tomorrow will be better! haven’t gone shopping yet, and i don’t know if i will manage to get things for those of you who have requested stuff and if i don’t, i’d like to apologise now! i know i’ve been in france for 2 weeks, but i’ll only probably spend 1 day shopping! sheesh. i haven’t even bought anything for myself!

ok, i guess i’ll try to get warm again. this apartment is really cosy. =)

back in lyon

we’ve just arrived at xav’s place from alpe d’huez and i’m so tired! i still have to pack for moving to paris tomorrow. we’ll be putting up in chloe’s apartment. i don’t know where it is so i’m going to be following xav blindly. he’s never been to her place before either so if we get lost, i’ll make do with a 5 star hotel.

just kidding. who gets lost in paris? lol.

hoping to do fun stuff in paris and our train leaves at 7 in the morning tomorrow. so, good night everyone! hope you all had a great new year’s eve countdown!

mine was awesome. *wink*

we’re in alpe d’huez!

hey everyone again! this time i’m saying hi from the french alps! we’re now in alpe d’huez, one of the resorts in the mountains. it’s our third day here and today the weather is a little warmer than normal, so it’s raining. i’ve been skiing everyday since we got here and i must say i really love it! skiing is sooo fun!

we have this cosy little holiday apartment and i’ll post pictures after i’m back in singapore. our window just beside our bed has a view of a part of the mounatains and it’s gorgeous! from our bed we can see the slopes, chair lifts, other apartments… amazing! the little town here is nice too.

hmm, i don’t know what we’ll be doing today. it’s raining and my knee aches a little so i don’t feel like skiing much. maybe shopping! well i’ll see. hope everyone has plans for the countdown to the new year!

still in lyon

hi everyone! i hope you are having fun celebrating christmas this year! i’m still in lyon at the moment and we’re going to the mountains later this afternoon. i can’t wait, i’ve never done any winter sports! =)

the past few days have been awesome and i really wish i can stay forever! lol. haven’t gone out exploring the city and all that since we’ve only really had time for all the family christmassy stuff. haven’t gone shopping either, except for presents and groceries. it’s been busy busy busy ever since i got here and now we have a short break.

hmm, i’m going to try and get the recipe for caldis, the yummy thing that loick and chloe made for the dinner on xmas eve (it’s awesome). oh oh! new news! i ate escargots!!!! muahahaha! and the best thing is that i love it! ils ressemblent à des champignons. trés bien, je pense!

we watched avatar the movie in 3d last night too. first time in a cinema in france for me! =) i loved the show. chloe says neytiri reminds her of me.

ok, i gotta go. see you soon and in case i don’t get to blog before, happy new year in advance!

a little hello!

a really quick update! i’m in lyon now and yesterday had been a really tiring day. didn’t sleep on the plane at all! anyway xav and i have errands to run. we’re going to get groceries for everyone in like, 20 minutes cos tonight, everyone is going to make something for dinner and the both of us are making pad thai! lol. haven’t taken ANY pictures either, so that will wait. gotta go! hopefully we’ll have much time for part dieu (the shopping mall) later!

a little note!

i might as well blog now before i have any time left. am in the middle of epilating and the freaking battery died on me. fml. now i have half hair-less legs. omg. anyway. i’m not done packing but i will be soon. gotta weigh my luggages after that. i’m so excited! the boy’s already back home, safe and sound! can’t wait to be in the plane! am gonna be taking the new a380 and i heard the seats are pretty spacious! can’t wait too! hmm. ok i’d better stop now and have some food and get energy to finish prepping and preparing!

i hope everyone has a great christmas this year and a very happy new year! have fun y’all, and i will blog again when i return next year! hopefully, i’ll be able to blog now and then from france, if there’s internet. here’s leaving you with a picture of an eggnog (which i don’t take a fancy to). merry christmas!

see you when i get back!