chanel transfer tattoos, spring 2010 collection

so this morning i got on the train to work and i was three stops away from my destination when i suddenly broke out in cold sweat and had the urge to puke. i almost did. i alighted one stop before outram and went to find a toilet. but i had felt a bit better by then and did not puke. so i continued on my way to work. but at work, the puking urge came back again so i decided to leave and visit the doctor.

anyway, i’m home, rested a little and my tummy still feels weird. i don’t know why and i hate it! stomach flu? i’m not sure. but this morning in the train, some stupid guy had such a strong detergent smell on his clothes that really made my condition even worse. i hate hate hate having to smell other people!!!!! argh!

ok, so back to the topic as stated in the title. chanel has launched their own temporary tattoos! as seen on the runway of their spring 2010 collection! they are so pretty!


i’m so tempted to get them! they will retail as a package of 55 different designs under the name of Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel and go for £49. expensive? you tell me. but as far as chanel goes, i think the price is probably worth it.

some girly stuff

the weekend is half gone! *sobs* anyway, today was a good day. my sister’s f21 package from a spree arrived this morning and in it was a really pretty mesh bow wallet in grey. apparently, my sister had thought it to be cream and didn’t really take a fancy to it. so she gave it to me! omg! so happy! i can finally throw away my laopok black men’s wallet and use a pretty girly wallet!

f21 metal mesh bow wallet.

i love my new wallet! totally unexpected surprise. i love nice, girly surprises! the wallet can be found at the f21 website here.

the other day at duty free on my way to paris, i bought a set of clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief, moisture surge face spray thirsty skin relief and a mini version of their moisture surge extra refreshing eye gel. the saleslady was nice enough to give me a sample of the dramatically different moisturising gel in a small tube.

clinique dramatically different moisturising gel (ddmg).

clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief.

many people are wrong about the ddmg. it’s not a moisturiser. it is, in fact, what you apply on your face before your moisturiser goes on. it helps to keep your skin matte and also aids your skin in absorbing your moisturiser. anyway, i love these new products that i got. they really work! ok, maybe it’s because i’m taking the pill, which everyone knows is for a great complexion. but for the time i was in france, my skin didn’t have the usual peel-and-flake-like-crazy when it met the cold and dry climate. and i didn’t break out either.

on my way back to singapore, i decided to drop by the duty free store again and bought the clinique exfoliating scrub.

clinique exfoliating scrub.

i’m glad that i bought it! i tried it out yesterday and it didn’t turn my skin red or patchy or itchy or tingly… i didn’t have an allergic reaction to it. it’s got a bit too much menthol for my liking, and therefore it’s not a good idea to put some near the eye area. i love the little bits in the scrub! i’ve been looking for a scrub like this for a really long time (the one from skinfood that i have is more of a mask-cum-scrub)! i’ll most probably get it again once i finish the tube i have.

oh i love clinique.

today, i’ve been busy unpacking the rest of my luggage and getting my application ready for submission. now i’ve got to get a cheque for 200 euros ready as well as 4 passprot photos. argh. passport photos. such troublesome things! i’ve to take like, half an hour to doll up just to spend 5 minutes to take a photograph. and i have a fat face.

and i’m still jet lagged. otherwise, why would i sleep at 11pm, wake up at 3am, fall asleep again at 5.30am and wake up again at noon? has been happening for three nights in a row now! hope i won’t wake up tonight again!

paris part II – champs elysées & ladurée

on our second day in paris, we decided to take a walk along champs elysées and have lunch at ladurée. actually, it was more of me wanting to do all that and i was deciding between ladurée, the restaurant that has the best macarons in paris and angelina, a restaurant that serves the best hot chocolate in the city. we ended up at ladurée for the afternoon.

champs elysées.

finally a sephora that actually has stuff i wanna buy! i got my pack of 9 mini urban decay 24/7 glied on eye pencils! so happy!!!! this outlet was huge, by the way.

came to the pretty restaurant after a short walk.

xav’s entrée, a superbly done soufflé.

my entrée, a salmon dish served with toast, half a macaron and vodka cream. i initially thought the cream was cheese.

dark chocolate macarons. no pictures of the main dishes we had because i’m too tired to edit and upload them.

the waiter who served us was very nice. we’d originally ordered two different set menues, one which included an entrée and plat du choix and another one that included both of that, plus dessert and 2 macarons. however, we got so full from the food halfway that we decided to change the second set meal into the same one as the first, and then add on one macaron after. the waiter had given us two macarons before we told him about our plan to change the order that he gave us one for free. =) happy! anyway, macarons there are really expensive! 2 euros for one macaron. that’s about sgd$4 for a tiny macaron! i can eat a whole bowl of prawn noodles with that and still get change back!

there was a bar in the restaurant.

the interior of the restaurant was pretty and quaint and it was a lucky thing i brought my camera to the washroom. look!

pretty sinks, mirrors and chairs.

“dressing table” or fireplace?

some pictures of the pastries for sale at the boutique area on the first floor:

we managed to take the pictures before one waitress told me, “no photo.”

i only bought two tiny boxes of chocolates from the boutique. that night, xav and i went to visit julien and sophie at their apartment near belleville. it was a fun time.

this sums up my trip to france for the christmas and new year period. it was an amazing time and i can’t wait to go back! meanwhile, i’ll leave you guys with a picture of some souvenirs i bought at a shop at the louvre.

notebook, ruler and compact mirror. =) so pretty!

paris part I

i love blogging. the main reason is that i love writing no matter what. the second reason is that i can do this anytime, anywhere and everywhere i want to, especially in the comforts of my own home. thirdly, i can blog even when i’m sick. i only need to move my fingers while the rest of me stays retarded (figure of speech, alright?) in front of the computer. finally, nobody cares what i look like when i’m blogging. so here’s the entry of paris as promised.

we left lyon on the morning of january the third to travel to paris via the tgv. there was a bit of a glitch in our booking and we boarded the train without our pre-booked tickets. had to buy new ones from the conductor during the journey. and because we didn’t have our original tickets, we didn’t really have our seats and so for the most part, we stayed in the bar.

xav very tired and pissed with the ticket thingy (can’t tell); me very happy with the petit dejeuner i just had.

chloe and charlie were very kind to let us stay in their apartment, which was located SUPER close to the eiffel tower. no, we couldn’t see the tower from the apartment windows, but a few steps away was la seine and everyone knows you can see the tower from there.

the cosy apartment.

taken from the bridge nearby.

the ubiquitous metro sign.

for the first day in paris, we didn’t really know what to do. my main aim to visit paris was to take a picture with the eiffel tower because stupid ol’ me didn’t take one with it when i was there for three months last year. we were walking around aimlessly and a sudden thought came to my mind. you see, if you’ve lived in paris for long enough, you’ll know that on the first sunday of each month, museums in paris offer free entry. so i thought of going to the louvre! i’m so smart! but actually, afterwards when we had a get-together with julien and sophie, sophie told us that museums offer free entry all the time for people aged 24 or 25 and below (can’t remember which because i fall under both categories hahahah!). and so we made our way to the louvre.

some decor above some apartment gates.

a museum of some sort that we didn’t visit as it was closed.

a newspaper stand. you find these everywhere.

in front of the inverted pyramid.

cool twirly stairs under the famous pyramid that everyone knows.

us in front of some sculpture that everyone wanted to take a picture with. i don’t know why it’s so popular, but anything for keepsake.

there were many many many paintings.


the way to la joconde.

can someone tell me why the painting is not called mona lisa?

that night, xav and i walked about the famous champs elysees. after that we got to the eiffel tower and queued to get tickets to go up. we had been there before, but not up the tower. and this time it was night! there are different prices for people of different ages and being younger than 25, we paid a cheaper price for the tickets.

atop the tower (we went onto the 2nd level, which was high enough and going to the 3rd storey would take us another 45 minutes), it was windy and super ultra cold. my gloves didn’t come off my hands for any second at all while my man had his off like, most of the time so he could take pictures. he’s crazy! i had to keep chasing after him to put his gloves back on. his fingers turned blue and mine have never turned blue ever since freddy times.

there’s a restaurant on the tower and if you must eat there, go for lunch because dinner is too expensive! dinner starts from 65 euros per person! lunch costs much much less. how much, i forgot, but it’s worth the price. i would have gone if i had the time.

l’arc de triomphe.

a wonderful picture. =)

this is getting to be a really long post! there’s another day of paris to be written about and i shall do it in another entry. champs elysees and laduree deserve an entry all on their own. i hope this one cheered you up a bit from whatever that’s dampening your moods – sucky weather, bad day at work, a funeral, being sick… etc. i’ll blog soon!

our time in alpe d’huez

on boxing day, we made the long journey by car to alpe d’huez, a ski resort in the french alps at grenoble. i didn’t drive and had the luxury of sitting at the back of the car for the whole journey, which took about 4 hours or so.

ulan with us at the back of the car.

i got a tiny bit carsick towards the end of the ride, when we were going up the mountain. i was laying down and i smelled ulan. =S don’t think that helped with the car sickness. going up the mountain revealed such beautiful night scenery. all the cottages were lit up in orange lights. it made the place look like a little cosy, happy, peaceful town. we got a small apartment which we were lucky to find at the last minute.

the kitchenette.

the dining area.

where xav and i slept.

when we woke up the next morning, we were greeted by an amazing sight! the weather was perfect for snow sports with its blue, cloudless skies and freshly fallen snow everywhere! it wasn’t snowing nor raining and it wasn’t too cold either. a couple of pictures of the view from our balcony:

henceforth, i would like to just post up some pictures of the place without saying much.

hanging santa. in singapore we can only hang our flag.

where we stayed at.

ski rental!

bars and supermarkets around the area.

ice skating rink.

baguettes covered in snow.

the little children were so cute! =)

i love skiing! but only on the green slopes.

let me explain. there are three kinds of slopes – green, blue and red. green slopes are for beginners, blue ones are for the more advanced and red ones are for the really advanced. i stayed on the green ones the whole time i was there. once, i went onto a steeper green slope called “les poussins” and i kept falling and crashing and i got so scared that i cried. i crashed into some poles placed there for people to turn around at. *sobs* i was scared because the only way down that slope was to ski down and i wasn’t doing very well in that. i had a ski class the day before with some other tourist and we had gone to the exact same slope! weird. that night, we were invited to dinner with charlie’s family at their hotel.

anyway, the next day, we went to the swimming pool. it was an outdoor one and i just had to try going in it!

la piscine.

it was freezing! almost zero temperatures all around us! the pool was probably around 20 something degrees. i froze. the guys tried to convince me to get up out of the pool and into the snow so that when i returned to the pool, it would feel much better. i refused. in the end, xav carried me out of the water while hugo plonked snow onto me while i screamed like mad and had everyone else at the pool stare at us. i was soooo cold that i didn’t even feel the snow on my skin!

after that, we went to a cosy little salon de thé near our apartment to have some hot chocolate. i loved the interior of that cafe!

up the stairs to the cafe.

cute decorations along the stairs.


the yummy berries pie that i had.

that night we went to take part in a poker tournament in the resort. anyone could join and we were lucky to be there in time to be the last three to be admitted onto the betting tables (hugo, xav and i). after us, there was no more vacancy. it was an interesting night! i played well, i think. i ended up 25th out of 92 people! i won a cap for that. xav was better. i think he was around the 14th position and he got a shirt.

poker tables.

here are some more pictures taken around the place:

us on the chairlift.

pretty trees at night.

i loved it at alpe d’huez! i don’t know if we’ll be back there again. some people got mobbed one night and chloe found out that alpe d’huez is apparently THE place for coke dealers. so hips. alright, i’m really tired out now. two entries in a row and when i’m sick!

i’ll write soon about paris in a bit, so stay tuned!

christmas in lyon

hi everyone! i can finally blog! the bad news is that i’m sick with the flu and i probably can’t blog very well but i’m going to try and put as much as i can in here for your reading pleasure.

i got to lyon, xav’s hometown, immediately after touching down in paris. we missed the first train because my luggage took forever to arrive on the belt so we had to get tickets for the next one. really expensive, those first class tickets. they were the only ones left available for that day. when we got to lyon, we went to la part dieu, a shopping mall. there were more presents to be bought for christmas a few days later.

christmas itself was fun! we didn’t have a christmas eve countdown. instead, dinner that night was awesome. everyone made something for the “potluck” and xav and i made pad thai, which turned out successful!

an alcoholic drink concocted by xav’s dad. that’s sugar, not salt, and it was yummy.

caldis (the pastry thingy you see) was superb!

i almost tried oysters. until xav showed me they were still alive till the moment you add lemon juice on top.

feuilletes d’escargots. superb too!!!

we played pictionary in french on christmas day to see who got to open their presents. it was fun! =) and for the record, i didn’t use a dictionary! we had turkey for lunch too.

nice christmas tree and presents.

chloe doing the final touches on the pommes dauphines that xav prepared.

that evening, we all went to watch avatar in 3d. my first time in a french cinema! we watched the original version of the film that was in english. i liked the movie!

the ferris wheel that’s put out specially for christmas every year.

the queues at the cinema.

i had a great time at lyon and i’d love to go back again! i didn’t have time to do any shopping while i was there even though there were h&m and sephora. xav and i did quite a bit of grocery shopping for the others as well as ourselves too, for ingredients to make that evening’s dinner.

next entry coming up: my stay at alpe d’huez. keep a lookout!

in paris!

hey hey! today was quite eventful! we went to the louvre and to the eiffel tower! i’m glad we managed to take pictures WITH the tower this time! =) i’m so happy to be here. i don’t want to go back to singapore. really, i don’t. singapore sucks. it’s sad that i only have 1 more day left here and i’ve a meeting on the very day i get back to work. argh. i hate singapore!!!

anyway, today was really fun even though it was soooooo cold. i hope tomorrow will be better! haven’t gone shopping yet, and i don’t know if i will manage to get things for those of you who have requested stuff and if i don’t, i’d like to apologise now! i know i’ve been in france for 2 weeks, but i’ll only probably spend 1 day shopping! sheesh. i haven’t even bought anything for myself!

ok, i guess i’ll try to get warm again. this apartment is really cosy. =)

back in lyon

we’ve just arrived at xav’s place from alpe d’huez and i’m so tired! i still have to pack for moving to paris tomorrow. we’ll be putting up in chloe’s apartment. i don’t know where it is so i’m going to be following xav blindly. he’s never been to her place before either so if we get lost, i’ll make do with a 5 star hotel.

just kidding. who gets lost in paris? lol.

hoping to do fun stuff in paris and our train leaves at 7 in the morning tomorrow. so, good night everyone! hope you all had a great new year’s eve countdown!

mine was awesome. *wink*

we’re in alpe d’huez!

hey everyone again! this time i’m saying hi from the french alps! we’re now in alpe d’huez, one of the resorts in the mountains. it’s our third day here and today the weather is a little warmer than normal, so it’s raining. i’ve been skiing everyday since we got here and i must say i really love it! skiing is sooo fun!

we have this cosy little holiday apartment and i’ll post pictures after i’m back in singapore. our window just beside our bed has a view of a part of the mounatains and it’s gorgeous! from our bed we can see the slopes, chair lifts, other apartments… amazing! the little town here is nice too.

hmm, i don’t know what we’ll be doing today. it’s raining and my knee aches a little so i don’t feel like skiing much. maybe shopping! well i’ll see. hope everyone has plans for the countdown to the new year!

still in lyon

hi everyone! i hope you are having fun celebrating christmas this year! i’m still in lyon at the moment and we’re going to the mountains later this afternoon. i can’t wait, i’ve never done any winter sports! =)

the past few days have been awesome and i really wish i can stay forever! lol. haven’t gone out exploring the city and all that since we’ve only really had time for all the family christmassy stuff. haven’t gone shopping either, except for presents and groceries. it’s been busy busy busy ever since i got here and now we have a short break.

hmm, i’m going to try and get the recipe for caldis, the yummy thing that loick and chloe made for the dinner on xmas eve (it’s awesome). oh oh! new news! i ate escargots!!!! muahahaha! and the best thing is that i love it! ils ressemblent à des champignons. trés bien, je pense!

we watched avatar the movie in 3d last night too. first time in a cinema in france for me! =) i loved the show. chloe says neytiri reminds her of me.

ok, i gotta go. see you soon and in case i don’t get to blog before, happy new year in advance!