my tumblr is revived y’all

if you could have a house and design it anyway you want to and have it anywhere you could, what would it look like and where would it be? would it be an open concept penthouse in a bustling city? a studio apartment? a chateau in a gorgeous countryside? a nautical-themed beach house? a cottage?

if i could, i’d have all of the above, actually. it’s so hard to pick! i mean, won’t you get tired of living in the same place for long? pictures of interior design always outdo one another and i can never find the perfect kitchen or the perfect bedroom. they all look so pretty!

cosy little kitchen that i could have. make some afternoon tea, coffee and snacks and have friends come over to chill. like a mini diner-eatery.

like yummylicious strawberry tarts.

or i could have one of those huge-ass kitchens. make big meals and have many people over for dinner. dinner would be fun to make!

bathroom anyone?

cute little reading-chill out room.

a big bedroom would be cool too but if it only has empty space, then i’d prefer a small one so it doesn’t look that unused.

pictures taken from the book of secrets and bella seven.

actually is a triple bed larger or smaller than a king bed? hmm… and what’s the difference between a duvet and a comforter? fancy names… oh well. more pictures can be found on my tumblr page, which i’ve just revived today. yeah, am back from the tumblr dry spell. =) here’s hoping you guys have a great day today!

shoe trend for s/s 2010

As winter gives way to summer in the approaching months, things heat up in the fashion scene where designers have their models strut down runways with their upcoming Spring/Summer 2010 collections. This new season is all about bringing out the exhibitionist, the glam-queen, in all of us.

The main focus is on height and that is where platforms and towering heels come in. Almost every in-house designer, save for the legendary Manolo Blahnik, has got these stacked heels worn confidently before their audience. From Donatella Versace’s “Alice in Wonderland-“ inspired shoes, Fendi’s soft, chiffon drapery masterpieces to Alexander McQueen’s eccentric “Armadillos,” this trend is pretty hard to miss.

Versace S/S 2010.

Fendi S/S 2010.

As incredulous as it may sound, clogs are in. No really, they are. Well, at least the two bigwigs Karl Lagerfeld and Miuccia Prada seem to agree. While the former accessorises with transfer tattoos, the latter adorns swallows to remind us of the magic of spring and summer. They both successfully transform the notion of old cellulite-ridden grandmothers washing clothes in back alleys to alluring maidens sashaying down the sidewalks.

Miu Miu S/S 2010.

Another sizzling trend is the peep-toe. Whether it’s caged booties, sandals or high heels, your toes need to be seen! Cut-outs and plenty of straps also provide a breather for your feet, so make sure you book an appointment with your pedicurist early.

Marchesa Louboutin S/S 2010.

Ankle boots are making their headway this season and various versions are springing up, high-heeled or flat-soled. From the checkered Pollini with a ribbon tie at the ankles to Lacoste’s classy attempt at corsetry, your money will definitely be well spent. An alternative to this would be to pair socks with your laced cut-outs. It’s also a great way to hide that nasty ankle cast you have to wear from a badminton game fracture.

Lacoste S/S 2010.

Welcoming the warmth from the dreary cold this season are bold embellishments, colours and prints. The bejewelled chunky heels from Prada, the lime green oxfords from Paul Smith, the striking contrasts in Proenza Schouler’s sandals and the bright yellow DSquared2 platform boots should be enough indication to go by. Steve Madden’s ethnic bohemian flats garnished with gems are perfect for a full day’s shopping at the mall on a relaxed summery day.

Proenza Schouler S/S 2010.

DSquared2 S/S 2010.

If you had fallen victim to the gladiator trends from last seasons (hint, it’s not a bad thing), don’t put them back in your shoe cupboard. So say Gucci, Anna Sui and even the clothing brand Topshop, among the many who can’t bear to discard this staple. This season, however, the traditional gladiator is met with a twist. Metallics, plastics, wider straps and buckles all add never-seen-before character to the equestrian necessity. A few other trends not retreating to the shadows of your wardrobe are the fringe, ruffle, stick-thin heels and the well-loved Mary Jane.

Anna Sui S/S 2010.

It’s kind of like a buffet party and each trend is a dish. It’s hard to decide which you’ll like best and the easiest way to know is to try everything once. When you finally know your favourite, invest in good quality so that it lasts for many seasons to come.

More pictures can be seen at hapsical.

shoes and when girls smile at other girls

i know i have irregular blogging habits. but whatever. it’s not like i have a really consistent life pattern.

you must take note, i have no computer nor working laptop of my own and it would be very kind if someone gave me one for my birthday (but actually if you really wannna give me something, well, a million dollars would go much further kthxbye). omg. i’m turning 24!!! i’m so excited!!!! *jumps around with glee* ooh ooh ooh! my mummy bought me a bolster! yay! now i have a new small bolster and don’t have to use the mega huge one that she had lent me anymore.

by the way, i did some major shopping yesterday online. really, livejournal sprees do eat your money! here’s what i ordered and paid for, pictures courtesy of earlvanilla:

in grey.

in brown.

i’m so excited for the shoes to arrive and the seller has confirmed that they will arrive before the chinese new year! yay! the spree closes today so hurry and place your order now! all heels are at SG$25 and all flats at SG$19.90. shoes are all from korea.

moving away from the topic of shoes, i’ve been VERY busy in the last two days or so. i’ve written two writing samples, one on the shoe trends of spring/summer 2010 (hint: platforms and peeptoes are in, among others) and the other on what you’ll need for a long-distance relationship. i don’t know why exactly i wrote them (i.e. i don’t know what the outcome will be), but well, you gotta try everything and you’re only young once. yes, i’m trying my hands at freelance writing in lifestyle and fashion so if you’ve got any potential job offers please let me know!

i also applied for the masters course and met up with a lady from campusfrance to discuss any opportunities for a scholarship. unfortunately, there has been none and i’m just waiting to see what will happen next. i’m really going all out to get this and if it doesn’t happen, well, i can say i really did try and it didn’t work out. at least then, i can put my mind at ease and do something else that has a chance of reaping results.

if i don’t get this, man, that’s like a freaking waste of 5 of my super nice ic photos!!! argh. i only have 3 left!!!! *sobs*

anywayyyyy. i must say i’m quite relieved with the way things have turned out so far. i’m actually going towards where i wanna be and i suppose that’s a good thing. i mean, how many people can actually say that they have got to where they are today as a result of doing what they had really wanted to do? sometimes it gets really tough, but the best advice i can give to anyone is not to give up and keep pressing on. i guess that’s only good if you really know what you want. if you don’t, and maybe i don’t, just try everything and see where it takes you.

my next topic is, and it’s a very random one that has no connection whatsoever to my previous paragraphs, unless you count the girl at campusfrance, how do you tell what a girl really means when she smiles at you? especially when you yourself are a girl. oh for the love of all things chocolate, i cannot tell and honestly, i’d given up trying to tell eons ago. if you’re a guy and a girl smiles at you, it’s really simple. it could only be one of two things: that she likes you, or she finds you disgusting and is just being polite. if you’re a girl, however, things get so complicated sometimes i wish that these smiling girls would just turn into guys, which would also make things much easier to decode (i.e. he likes you).

but when a girl smiles at another girl who doesn’t belong to her circle of friends, it’s like a whole university degree program on the anatomy of the female facial form waiting to be mastered. it could be one or more than one of the following:

sheldon) she sincerely finds you pleasant and not a threat

penny) she thinks you’re prettier than her and doesn’t want to show that she’s jealous

barney) she wants to seem like she’s rising above the situation in which you seem to be the victor

marshall) she loves it that you’re having things really hard or that you’re in deep shit

lily) she doesn’t really like you and you’re in a situation in which only she can help you

stewie) a combination of marshall and lily

mcdreamy) your dress sense is ridiculously hilarious and it just made her look like megan fox

mcsteamy) you just made a fool out of yourself

christina) she relates to your joke or anecdote

bailey) there’s a really hot guy looking in the direction of you two and she wants to seem nice

sawyer) she’s sad

jack shepard) she’s happy or hopeful

dexter) she wants you to know that she shares your joy and/or triumphs

chuck) she just had her teeth whitened and braces removed for good

and i shall leave it at that because the list is actually quite inexhaustible.

by the way, does anyone watch or know about ghostly encounters?

a bit from lewis carroll himself

a boat beneath a sunny sky,

lingering onward dreamily

in an evening of july–

children three that nestle near,

eager eye and willing ear,

pleased a simple tale to hear–

long has paled that sunny sky:

echoes fade and memories die.

autumn frosts have slain july.

still she haunts me, phantomwise,

alice moving under skies

never seen by waking eyes.

children yet, the tale to hear,

eager eye and willing ear,

lovingly shall nestle near.

in a wonderland they lie,

dreaming as the days go by,

dreaming as the summers die:

ever drifting down the stream–

lingering in the golden gleam–

life, what is it but a dream?

adaptation from “through the looking-glass” by lewis carroll.

charles lutwidge dodgson has got to be a real successful pioneer in the genre of fantasy. did you realise that the acrostic spells out “alice liddell” (well, “alice pleasance liddell” if you will) who is actually one of his wife’s sisters? i like the third and fourth stanzas the best. his narrations of alice in both books seem really simple and the tales are filled with seeming absurdity and irrelevant babble. i love them anyhow.

alright. long day ahead of me tomorrow.

a couple of manolo blahniks

i think the guy is a genius! but how come all really world renowned shoe designers are so old? pity. or is it that i only know of them now that they are old when in fact they have been in the scene for like, all their 100 years of living? hmm. i’m actually in the midst of “through the looking glass” by lewis carroll too. have always wanted to read that book. got it online in a pdf format for free at

did you hear about the morgans

i went to catch a chick flick yesterday after work.

i haven’t seen a movie… oh wait. i just saw one during christmas. well anyway, i haven’t seen hugh grant ever since music and lyrics and i like watching him on screen! the enticing british accent! and i think my boyfriend looks like him too. hee hee hee.


the movie itself wasn’t fantastic. there wasn’t much of a plot and i felt that the scenes didn’t really flow well. and i don’t get the “oh my god it’s sarah palin” part. and by that, i mean i don’t see the point. enlighten me somebody please? but the eye candy makes up for that. i know, i don’t usually look out for guys but you know… he (when he was much younger) looks like my boyfriend (especially in “sense and sensibility”)!!! hee hee hee.

in other news, today is an important day. i’ve just submitted my tender letter and it’s now fully, totally, completely and newly official: my effective date will be the 17th feb of this year. i don’t know what i feel exactly right now because i’m too hungry to feel anything else. i was sooo nervous for like, 40 minutes before the deed itself and now i’m just relieved. might end up working part time there after the tender, but i’ll see how things go.

anyway, i really need to find some time to get some things done. namely, i need to go to the bank to get my 200 euros cheque for my application fee, take passport-sized photos, photocopy my passport and go to the post office after everything is done. oh my! to the bank! where will i find time for that except on saturdays!

and i’m also really considering going to freddy for a while before the term starts, if i get accepted at all. alright, i shall leave it at that.

the yearnings of a damsel

what agony it is

to be greatly longing.

such foolishness to perdure

this ceaseless sojourn.

where are you,

my ares, my mars?

your aphrodite, your venus

can hold out no more.

my mind conceives such haunting chimeras;

nightmarish delusions, macabre concoctions;

courting my consciousness into irrevocable insanity.

the angst that brims over my shell

pours out creepingly into sagacity.

how ludicrous those fears may seem

of me begone before you’re seen,

or of your demise in merciless bloodshed,

whenceforth no moment will ever be perfect.

come back to bed

to soothe my soul;

to rid my distress,

to banish my woe.

oh come back to bed,

my ares, my mars.

or i’ll seal my fate

where ever you are.

penned by yours, truly.

chanel transfer tattoos, spring 2010 collection

so this morning i got on the train to work and i was three stops away from my destination when i suddenly broke out in cold sweat and had the urge to puke. i almost did. i alighted one stop before outram and went to find a toilet. but i had felt a bit better by then and did not puke. so i continued on my way to work. but at work, the puking urge came back again so i decided to leave and visit the doctor.

anyway, i’m home, rested a little and my tummy still feels weird. i don’t know why and i hate it! stomach flu? i’m not sure. but this morning in the train, some stupid guy had such a strong detergent smell on his clothes that really made my condition even worse. i hate hate hate having to smell other people!!!!! argh!

ok, so back to the topic as stated in the title. chanel has launched their own temporary tattoos! as seen on the runway of their spring 2010 collection! they are so pretty!


i’m so tempted to get them! they will retail as a package of 55 different designs under the name of Les Trompe L’œil de Chanel and go for £49. expensive? you tell me. but as far as chanel goes, i think the price is probably worth it.

some girly stuff

the weekend is half gone! *sobs* anyway, today was a good day. my sister’s f21 package from a spree arrived this morning and in it was a really pretty mesh bow wallet in grey. apparently, my sister had thought it to be cream and didn’t really take a fancy to it. so she gave it to me! omg! so happy! i can finally throw away my laopok black men’s wallet and use a pretty girly wallet!

f21 metal mesh bow wallet.

i love my new wallet! totally unexpected surprise. i love nice, girly surprises! the wallet can be found at the f21 website here.

the other day at duty free on my way to paris, i bought a set of clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief, moisture surge face spray thirsty skin relief and a mini version of their moisture surge extra refreshing eye gel. the saleslady was nice enough to give me a sample of the dramatically different moisturising gel in a small tube.

clinique dramatically different moisturising gel (ddmg).

clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief.

many people are wrong about the ddmg. it’s not a moisturiser. it is, in fact, what you apply on your face before your moisturiser goes on. it helps to keep your skin matte and also aids your skin in absorbing your moisturiser. anyway, i love these new products that i got. they really work! ok, maybe it’s because i’m taking the pill, which everyone knows is for a great complexion. but for the time i was in france, my skin didn’t have the usual peel-and-flake-like-crazy when it met the cold and dry climate. and i didn’t break out either.

on my way back to singapore, i decided to drop by the duty free store again and bought the clinique exfoliating scrub.

clinique exfoliating scrub.

i’m glad that i bought it! i tried it out yesterday and it didn’t turn my skin red or patchy or itchy or tingly… i didn’t have an allergic reaction to it. it’s got a bit too much menthol for my liking, and therefore it’s not a good idea to put some near the eye area. i love the little bits in the scrub! i’ve been looking for a scrub like this for a really long time (the one from skinfood that i have is more of a mask-cum-scrub)! i’ll most probably get it again once i finish the tube i have.

oh i love clinique.

today, i’ve been busy unpacking the rest of my luggage and getting my application ready for submission. now i’ve got to get a cheque for 200 euros ready as well as 4 passprot photos. argh. passport photos. such troublesome things! i’ve to take like, half an hour to doll up just to spend 5 minutes to take a photograph. and i have a fat face.

and i’m still jet lagged. otherwise, why would i sleep at 11pm, wake up at 3am, fall asleep again at 5.30am and wake up again at noon? has been happening for three nights in a row now! hope i won’t wake up tonight again!

paris part II – champs elysées & ladurée

on our second day in paris, we decided to take a walk along champs elysées and have lunch at ladurée. actually, it was more of me wanting to do all that and i was deciding between ladurée, the restaurant that has the best macarons in paris and angelina, a restaurant that serves the best hot chocolate in the city. we ended up at ladurée for the afternoon.

champs elysées.

finally a sephora that actually has stuff i wanna buy! i got my pack of 9 mini urban decay 24/7 glied on eye pencils! so happy!!!! this outlet was huge, by the way.

came to the pretty restaurant after a short walk.

xav’s entrée, a superbly done soufflé.

my entrée, a salmon dish served with toast, half a macaron and vodka cream. i initially thought the cream was cheese.

dark chocolate macarons. no pictures of the main dishes we had because i’m too tired to edit and upload them.

the waiter who served us was very nice. we’d originally ordered two different set menues, one which included an entrée and plat du choix and another one that included both of that, plus dessert and 2 macarons. however, we got so full from the food halfway that we decided to change the second set meal into the same one as the first, and then add on one macaron after. the waiter had given us two macarons before we told him about our plan to change the order that he gave us one for free. =) happy! anyway, macarons there are really expensive! 2 euros for one macaron. that’s about sgd$4 for a tiny macaron! i can eat a whole bowl of prawn noodles with that and still get change back!

there was a bar in the restaurant.

the interior of the restaurant was pretty and quaint and it was a lucky thing i brought my camera to the washroom. look!

pretty sinks, mirrors and chairs.

“dressing table” or fireplace?

some pictures of the pastries for sale at the boutique area on the first floor:

we managed to take the pictures before one waitress told me, “no photo.”

i only bought two tiny boxes of chocolates from the boutique. that night, xav and i went to visit julien and sophie at their apartment near belleville. it was a fun time.

this sums up my trip to france for the christmas and new year period. it was an amazing time and i can’t wait to go back! meanwhile, i’ll leave you guys with a picture of some souvenirs i bought at a shop at the louvre.

notebook, ruler and compact mirror. =) so pretty!