Too Faced A Few Of My Favourite Things Set

The Too Faced Holiday 2013 Collection

What’s black and white and starts with the letter “S?” I suppose I don’t need to spell it out for you but in case you still haven’t a clue, Sephora held a preview of the holiday 2013 collections coming up later this year! I managed to pop by the event and apart from getting my hair styled by celebrity stylist Michael Shaun Corby, I got to see what this year’s holiday would be like – makeup style.


First up in line is the Too Faced Holiday 2013 Collection. Featuring eyeshadow palettes and something cute for the tech junkies out there, the collection comprises a total of 4 different sets. And here they are!


Too Faced A Few Of My Favourite Things Set 74 opennew The Too Faced Holiday 2013 Collection

Too Faced’s A Few Of My Favourite Things Set, S$74.

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Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Swatch & Review: The Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

Oh my, where do I get started? 20 brand new shades, glittery, shimmery and matte – all in a brand new, one-of-a-kind palette. The Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette is the latest eyeshadow bomb from the brand, launched in time for the holidays this year. Not only is it limited edition, each and every one of the palette is unique in the sense that the pattern on the purple-hued box is different for every palette. So if you’re one of those shoppers – like me – who tend to pick and choose the “perfect” product to take home with you every time you visit a store, this would certainly justify that.


DSC 3141new Swatch & Review: The Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

The Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette.

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Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum

The Bvlgari Crystalline l’Eau de Parfum

Sophisticated, classy, elegant and refined. It’s not every day that I get to come close to the brand Bvlgari, especially since I can barely afford any of their baubles and trinkets (nor had I been able to pronounce their name, which I now know sounds like “Bool-gari”).  Owning or even touching any of these jewels is purely a dream but Bvlgari brings this dream a little closer to home with the newest addition to their fragrance line, the Omnia Crystalline l’Eau de Parfum.


PS single page 535x700 The Bvlgari Crystalline lEau de Parfum


Fronted by top model Edita Vilkeviciute, the fragrance focuses on the soft graciousness of, and the growing tenacity in a woman; a precious, delicate lotus flower blooming with radiance; enticing towards all who set their sights upon it. Feels like stone, yet looks like water.

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Giveaway Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Giveaway: Something Special & New from Kiehl’s

Imagine this scenario (well, actually some of us don’t have to because we’ve experienced it for real): It’s the end of a long, busy day; You’re washing your makeup off; You don’t really want to because you did a good job on that smokey eye effect, but you have no choice because you don’t want breakouts tomorrow; So you admire your artwork for a few seconds more in the mirror when suddenly… *GASP* There is a line which was never there before!


Is it the makeup creasing? Is it the compact foundation caking up? You rub gently along the offending line, half wishing you were hallucinating. You add more makeup remover but the line doesn’t seem to go away. OH. MY. GOD. Fear sets in. You wish you had done all those things you were too scared to do. Death looms near. Like, you can actually feel it creep up  against your skin. No, not the skin!


Quick! You need to reverse the hands of the clock. Heck, of all the clocks in the world! Make the earth circle in the opposite direction! Make the sun grow smaller! Make shooting stars fly backwards! Make dinosaurs come alive again!


OK, maybe that was a teeny bit exaggerated. You slump into bed, realising you ARE ageing. What those women say about gravity and slowed metabolism is true and it’s happening to you. You have no choice. It’s either you ignore it and leave your skin to its natural tendencies, or you do something about it. That’s where I come in.

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FOTD: Imperial Purple

FOTD: Imperial Purple

You know those Asian movies where there are princesses and emperors and soldiers on horses? Well, I got inspired one day by the pretty women in ancient palaces and came up with a modern royalty look. It just happens that I have this pair of dangly earrings from Lovisa that I so love, and felt they really suited the part too! Sorry, no fancy head gear though. A few more shots of the overall look:


DSC 2617new FOTD: Imperial Purple

Because women in royalty didn’t seem to smile a lot, if at all.


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Best Lip Colours for Fall

5 Best Lip Colours for Fall

It’s September already, how time flies! If the rains in Singapore can account for anything, I suppose autumn leaves are also falling by the masses around you if you’re someplace with four seasons. Time to do a little silent cheer for the coming shave-less months and bring out the tea and biscuits! If you can’t make up your mind what makeup to get to suit the mood, how about these five lovely lip shades?


Fall Lipsticks 5 Best Lip Colours for Fall

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NARS Super Orgasm Lip Gloss

Review: The NARS Super Orgasm Lip Gloss

Say hello to my first NARS lip product, the NARS Super Orgasm Lip Gloss! I suppose any NARS fan is quite well-acquainted with the Orgasm and Super Orgasm shades, what with the quirky names and versatile colours. It was high time I got around to finding out just what the hype is all about.


Super Orgasm is a sheer, peachy pink with gold glitter in it – a really pretty shade that can be worn alone or on top of your favourite lip stick or tint. It doesn’t smell and neither does it have a taste. It does make my lips feel more hydrated when I have it on and it doesn’t dry them out towards the end of its wear. It’s lightweight and not that gooey, sticky kind of gloss, which some people find uncomfortable.


DSC 2591new Review: The NARS Super Orgasm Lip Gloss

The NARS Super Orgasm Lip Gloss.


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FOTD: Sepia Blue

FOTD: Sepia Blue

Nobody understands the summer heat like us Singaporeans do. When it gets too parched in the day, we wait up till it’s night to head out and party. I mean, that’s why the F1 Night Race started, right? So, feeling too-hot-to-twerk one Saturday afternoon, we made sure to reserve some energy for the Singapore Night Festival that night.


I decided to take my new lashes from the Make Up For Ever new Sepia Blue collection out for a spin. Now, I’ve been looking for lashes with crystals since forever. The Dior Grand Bal False Lashes that were launched last year did make my heart flutter, but for some reason I didn’t get it. When I saw this pair at Sephora, I knew I just had to grab it.



The Make Up For Ever Sepia Blue False Lashes up close.


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Salvatore Ferragamo Izzie Large Tote

Ad: Go Ferragamo-Crazy

Hey ladies! Here’s just a quick shout out to all you bag lovers out there. Are you a fan of Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs? Is there a bag from these brands you are really coveting? Perhaps you might like to take a look at the Real It Bags promotion happening right now on local online retailer Zalora!


At the moment, you can get any of the bags in store at 20% off the original price. This is a first-come-first served basis (obviously), and the promotion lasts till all bags are sold. As I’m writing this, there are only 20 of them left, so just drop by the women’s bag page and see if you can find something interesting!


Just a few bags still on sale:


Salvatore Ferragamo Briana Tote Ad: Go Ferragamo Crazy

The Salvatore Ferragamo Briana Tote. Lovely piece for work!


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Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena & Lavender

Refreshing Lemons is the New Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender Collection

Everybody knows what lavender is. That purple coloured flower that spa companies like to put into their aroma therapy oils. The one that puts the image of a whole field of purple into mind when the therapist massages your head. Now, now. Just to set things straight, this is lavender:


closeup lavender Refreshing Lemons is the New Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender Collection

Lavenders all around. Smelling so sweet that even bees can’t resist.


Familiar scene. But what about verbena? It’s not some fancy pancy name Crabtree & Evelyn came up with for their Verbena and Lavender range. This is verbena:


lemon verbena Refreshing Lemons is the New Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender Collection

To be specific, this is lemon verbena.


Lemon verbena is a type of herb, looks something like mint, and it smells also something like mint – refreshing. When you mix verbena and lavender together, the final result is something that will wake you up on a lazy Sunday, something herbal and something you’d like your guy to smell like after an afternoon of soccer.

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pixel Refreshing Lemons is the New Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender Collection