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OOTD: Wanderlust


DSC 8367new2 678x1024 OOTD: Wanderlust


DSC 8363new 678x1024 OOTD: Wanderlust


DSC 8373new 678x1024 OOTD: Wanderlust


DSC 8371new 678x1024 OOTD: Wanderlust


DSC 8379new OOTD: Wanderlust


Dress: bYSI

Bag: Maku Store Singapore

White Sandals: Steve Madden

Photographer: Mr. Ratatouille


I miss Europe. A lot. If you do follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ve probably read about my wishes to return to France. So imagine my heart skipping a beat when I found this little nook by surprise when searching for a location for today’s outfit shoot! The weather was rainy to begin with, so I was all dressed up and all made up with just about nowhere to go (Do you ever get that?). Mr. Ratatouille and I decided to head out anyway for brunch, since we rarely get any alone time together.

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Workplace Essentials Vol. 002

Previously, in the first installment of this new series on the blog, I picked out some pieces from The Style Store and put them together, showcasing them as a potential part of your perfect office outfit. Today, I’m going to be sharing about my current obsession: skirts!


 Workplace Essentials Vol. 002


I love skirts. They’re feminine; come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and prints; and the men don’t get it. That makes it feel like they’re exclusive! Some women out there aren’t the skirt type of girl and that’s perfectly OK. Not everyone’s a shorts type of person, or a tank top kind of person either. But me? I cannot survive without them.


Of course it’s definitely more convenient to be in pants because you can take bigger strides or run after the bus, but skirts add this certain ladylike feel to your entire look. Pair them with heels, no matter how high (or not), and nobody would ask you to help lift that box.


Today I’m going to show you some common styles that suit the workplace. Most of them are from Zalora, where you can actually get many things at an affordable price (and reliable shipping). Do check out their online fashion magazine in Singapore too, where you can get some ideas about what to match your skirts with.


The Classic Pencil Skirt


350 Workplace Essentials Vol. 002


Pencil skirts are a great way to add formality to your look. They go well with blazers and any tops you might have for the office, even frilly ones. Pencil skirts tell others you mean business. They show others that you’re confident enough to be wearing them despite knowing how challenging they can be, especially since they do restrict some form of motion. For those of you who work hard to remain in shape, pencil skirts also let others know (and remind yourself) that you’ve got your life in order – even if you really are in fact having a little break down. The best time to wear them are when you have to make a presentation to a group of people, though really, I wear them almost every day.

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Shopbop 25% OFF Sitewide Sale


 Shopbop 25% OFF Sitewide Sale


It’s finally here, the Shopbop 25% Off Sitewide Sale (use code: FAMILY25)! I know many of you wait for ages for this sale to launch every once in a while, so take this time to breathe, make a cup of hot cocoa and plonk yourself down in front of your computer to do some serious shopping. Here are just some of my picks from browsing last night (you can also click directly on the individual items above), and I hope you’ll find something in the store that you like!


Clockwise from top:

  1. Anne Bing New York Sunglasses
  2. Holst + Lee Sky High Necklace
  3. Melissa Harmonic Flower Flip Flops (now already out of stock, but here’s a similar one – the Melissa Harmonic Bow Flip Flops)
  4. Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Crossbody Bag (on my current wishlist!)
  5. Ben Amun Crystal Imitation Crystal Drop Earrings
  6. Club Monaco Liora Crew Neck Sweater


*Brand exclusions: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Aurelie Bidermann, Canada Goose, Cedric Charlier, Gareth Pugh, Giambattista Valli, Herve Leger, Hunter, J. Mendel, Jamie Wolf, Jason Wu, Jay Ahr, Katie May, Maison Martin Margiela, Michele Watches, Monique Lhuillier, Nina Ricci, Rag & Bone, Rodarte, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney Apparel, Stuart Weitzman, Suno, Thakoon, Tory Burch York Totes, Versace, Victoria Victoria Beckham, Vika Gazinskaya, Wes Gordon and What Goes Around Comes Around Vintage.


P.S. Have you subscribed to the blog yet? Do so now, by typing in your email address in the bar above, to receive more of such deals and other style tips sent directly to your inbox once or twice a month!


Laced Ivory Shopbop 25% OFF Sitewide Sale

My First Hair Perm-and-Dye at X’Pect Studio

You know how to tell when a girl has just gone through a major breakup? She changes her hair. But oh no, it’s not just a normal cut-and-blow session at the salon. Instead, it’s a drastic do-whatever-you-think-looks-best-on-me kind of gamble with the most expensive stylist around. The worse the breakup, the worse the heartache and the more money she’s going to spend.


Anyhow, I suppose you can tell that I’ve had quite an OK romantic life seeing that my hair’s been all sleek and straight (read: boring) for as long as I can remember. Actually, it’s more of needing to save up than anything. I mean, I’d rather spend my hard-earned cash at Shu Uemura or on a lovely vacation at a Balinese villa. That said, you don’t always need a crisis to get your hair done!


I popped by X’Pect Studio one day after work to see what I could get out of a hair makeover. I was tired of my flat, limp hair and wanted something more voluminous and alive. My stylist for the day was Lee, who was very accommodating and gave me lots of options to consider. In the end, we decided upon a layered style with soft waves.


XPEct Studio Cobined Initial 1024x683 My First Hair Perm and Dye at XPect Studio

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Maku Store Singapore X Laced Ivory: A Collaboration


DSC 8223new Maku Store Singapore X Laced Ivory: A Collaboration


Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!'” On the more literary side, Shakespeare himself expressed, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”


Today I’m very happy to let you all in on another piece of good news: I’m collaborating with Maku Store Singapore for the next few months (at least) as one of their preferred bloggers in Singapore! I never thought the day would come, when I would be able to partner up with fashion brands for Laced Ivory, and I’m just so thankful that all these have happened!


DSC 8209newsmall 678x1024 Maku Store Singapore X Laced Ivory: A Collaboration


DSC 8212newsmall 785x1024 Maku Store Singapore X Laced Ivory: A Collaboration


DSC 8216newsmall 678x1024 Maku Store Singapore X Laced Ivory: A Collaboration


DSC 8220new Maku Store Singapore X Laced Ivory: A Collaboration


Cami Top: ASOS

Pencil Skirt: ASOS

Sandals: New Look

Bag: Maku Store Singapore

Ring: Lovisa

Photographer: Mr. Ratatouille

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Rosebullet X Laced Ivory: A FW 2014 Collaboration


F1000005new Rosebullet X Laced Ivory: A FW 2014 Collaboration


IMG 7183 copy 682x1024 Rosebullet X Laced Ivory: A FW 2014 Collaboration


IMG 7193 copy 682x1024 Rosebullet X Laced Ivory: A FW 2014 Collaboration


IMG 7196 copy Rosebullet X Laced Ivory: A FW 2014 Collaboration


IMG 7197 copy Rosebullet X Laced Ivory: A FW 2014 Collaboration


IMG 7219 copy 682x1024 Rosebullet X Laced Ivory: A FW 2014 Collaboration


Cardigan, Denim Skirt, Shoes, Bag: Rosebullet

Photographers: Michelle Kuek (@greenteafields) and Carriesim of Coffee Table People


Say hello to my first fashion collaboration! A friend of mine, Camy, posted in a Facebook group to ask if any fashion bloggers wanted to collaborate, and I seized the chance. After all, fashion and style are all about having fun, getting to know people and letting your creative juices flow. So I jumped on the bandwagon.

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Link Love: Life as a Blogger


Link Love October 2014 Combined copy 1024x1024 Link Love: Life as a Blogger


Many people assume that being a blogger is easy and pretty fun. Well, the first part isn’t all that true, especially since most bloggers do this as a sideline, and have full-time jobs like I do. The second part about blogging being fun, well, let’s just say that if we didn’t have the passion for it, we wouldn’t be doing it!


Today I’m featuring a few of my latest finds on the web. I love being a part of the blogging community, because I feel that somehow, bloggers do add some value to people’s lives! These 5 today have given me ideas on how I can make my own life more fun, and I hope they’ll inspire you too!

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OOTD: Clementine Dreams


DSC 8007new2 OOTD: Clementine Dreams


DSC 8003new2 678x1024 OOTD: Clementine Dreams

DSC 8001new3 678x1024 OOTD: Clementine Dreams


DSC 8016new OOTD: Clementine Dreams


Peplum Top: ASOS Petite

Tailored Shorts: ASOS Petite

Clutch: Gigi New York

Sandals: H&M

Rings: Lovisa

Bracelet: Mimco

Photograher: Mr. Ratatouille

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OOTD: The Subdued Casual Chic


DSC 7966smallnew 693x1024 OOTD: The Subdued Casual Chic


DSC 7968new5 678x1024 OOTD: The Subdued Casual Chic


DSC 7975new2 OOTD: The Subdued Casual Chic


DSC 7969new2 OOTD: The Subdued Casual Chic


Open Back Shell Top: ASOS

Shorts: Forever 21

Bag: Chanel

Rings: Lovisa

Strappy Sandals: H&M

Photographer: Mr. Ratatouille

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The Alice + Olivia FW 2014 Collection


Look 1 Custom 682x1024 The Alice + Olivia FW 2014 Collection


If you’re one who likes bold, contrasting colours, structured silhouettes and intricate detailing, you might want to check out the Alice + Olivia FW 2014 Collection, designed by Stacey Bendet. I popped by the store last week and caught sight of so many pieces I wished I could bag home.



Metallic is the new black, or so they say. The new collection prominently features butterfly prints and bohemian motifs, and is all about being bold enough to showcase the inner you that is subdued and mysterious. Glitter and sequins add dimensions where necessary, and the combinations of colours bring each piece to life. For the not-so-daring, there are also a few which are more prêt-à-porter. Check it out!


Look 18 Custom 682x1024 The Alice + Olivia FW 2014 Collection


Look 39 Custom 682x1024 The Alice + Olivia FW 2014 Collection


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pixel The Alice + Olivia FW 2014 Collection