A little about the blog:


Laced Ivory was set up in January 2010 with the strong believe that the desire for beauty is universal. Like love, the idea of beauty transcends boundaries far and wide. As such, the website is designed to be a porthole that opens to limitless opportunities for creating product and brand awareness among beauty addicts and industry professionals worldwide.

Laced Ivory’s readers come from all over the world with the majority from the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Canada. International advertising opportunities (blog shops included), sponsorships, product reviews and/or swatches are welcome.

Disclaimer: If a product had been sent for mentions on the blog, it will be stated in the entry. All opinions are honest and objective.



A little about The Style Store:


The Style Store is a collection of fashion and beauty products sourced from all over the web, such as reliable sites like asos.com and zalora.sg. The items featured here are specifically picked by Roxanne to suit the taste and style of Laced Ivory’s readers – stylish individuals who invest in quality pieces, and who live life to the fullest.



A little about the author:


Vainity and beauty are somehow intertwined. Roxanne learnt this the long and painful way through countless incidents over the years of growing up. Many experiences have helped formed her perception of beauty but nothing has made quite an impact as the story of The Ugly Duckling.

Roxanne possesses a strong passion for cosmetics and skincare. Not only has she completed a course in Fashion Makeup at the Makeup Forever Singapore Academy, she also has a Masters in Nanochemistry. Travelling the world is one of her loves, as is evident in the list of places she’s been to, such as cities in Europe, Asia and America. Her favourite skincare brands include Avene, Clinique and Shu Uemura; Her favourite cosmetics brands include Bobbi Brown, Dior and Urban Decay. Although currently based in Singapore, her love of travelling, beauty and writing is a perfect power combination that keeps this blog going. She may not have the answer to everything but if you’ll ask, there’s a high chance that she’ll have something at the back of her mind to share.

Complexion woes aside, Roxanne maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle. She practises pilates once a week and is undergoing a Stave Off Fast Food Challenge, where she aims to completely banish fast food in her life. She takes on a holistic approach in maintaining beauty as a whole and hopes to encourage others to do the same.

Don’t be shy; Roxanne loves interacting with her readers and she can be reached at the email contact@lacedivory.com. An alternative would be to use the “Contact” tab on the left of the website.