Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet


 Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet


Attention, si vous aimez faire du shopping – en ligne! I’m a definite shopaholic at heart, mind and soul. But I also hate crowds, the humidity in Singapore and forgetting to bring my credit card out when I need it to pay for purchases. That’s why I stick to online shopping most of the time – no, wait – actually I kind of do all my shopping online, now that I think of it.


But what if you don’t have a credit card (maybe you’re too young to have one, or you need to get a supplementary card from your parents), or don’t want another one to fatten up your wallet further, but you’d still like to bag that online-exclusive discount? I have just the thing you need – MatchMove Wallet!


I’m really excited to present MatchMove Wallet to you today because it makes shopping such an incredible experience and comes with a whole bunch of benefits that normal credit cards don’t. First of all, let me introduce to you what MatchMove Wallet is all about.


shopping girls Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

Shopping is such a delight, especially when you can do it at your own time, place and comfort, and with an ease of mind.


MatchMove Wallet is ane-wallet prepaid American Express credit card that anyone above 18 can sign up for (if you’re below 18, you’ll need a guardian who meets the age criteria, that’s all). When you sign up for a MatchMove Wallet account, you get a virtual American Express Virtual Pay card with no credit/value in it. All you need to do is to add some money into this e-card, and then you can shop online using this card once the money has been credited (it takes a few processing days)! To cut it short, it’s kind of like a Nets card which can be used just like a credit card for online purchases!


I created an account and a card, and got some money topped up in it as well. Here’s a short tutorial on MatchMove Wallet, complete with screen shots (I’ve blurred my card number for security reasons):


pic1 new Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

This is the very first thing you see when you sign up and log in for one of the first few times.


notifications new Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

Notifications? Ah, curiosity satisfied. Now let’s explore further.


pic2 offers Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

Offers are also seen on the home page of your account.


pic3 more offers Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

If you click on the “Offers” tab on the left, this is what you’ll see.


pic4 selected offer Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

And if you click on a particular offer, and then on “View Deal,” – yes I have a yearning for pretty bedding – it leads you directly to the Groupon page.


pic5 share and win Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

You can also share to win goodies using your MatchMove Wallet account.


Now that we’ve seen some extra features of MatchMove Wallet, let’s look at the main thing we’re in this for: the Virtual Pay. First thing to do: Get a card. Second thing to do: Enter your account details such as your mailing address and NRIC number and then verify your account.


pic6 get new card Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

The first thing you do is to get a card. This screen shot shows what I see when I try to apply for another card in addition to the one I already have. As you can see, I currently have no credit in my current card, and therefore I can’t shop yet.


pic7 verification with IC Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

Second step: Verifying your account after keying in your mailing address and NRIC.


pic8 verified Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

Great, now I’ll just have to wait. Once my account is verified, I’ll get some additional spending benefits.


Now that everything’s set, in goes the money! There are several ways to top up your American Express Virtual Pay card:


pic9 top up card Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

When you click on the “Top Up” tab on the left, you’ll be presented with several options for doing so.


pic10 top up options Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

The current complete list of methods to top up your card, including the fees involved. I like how transparent MatchMove Wallet is with this.


pic11 top up with DBS Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

Most of us have a DBS/POSB account, so I’ll demo with this. This screen is what you’ll see after you click on “Learn How” under the DBS/POSB option.


pic12 top up with DBS ibank Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

I’ll choose iBanking, because it is the most convenient when I’m at my computer. There will be a series of instructions, so all you have to do is to follow them. Anyone who’s done iBanking can do this.


pic13 topped up new Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

And once the credit has been successfully transferred to your Virtual Pay card after a few days, you’ll see it appear, and you can now shop online!


Now that you’ve seen how to set up your account and card, here’s why you might like to set up an account of your own:

  1. Because there’s no physical card, your wallet does not get heavier, and neither will you lose your credit card. This saves you a whole lot of trouble in getting a card cancelled.
  2. You only spend what you can afford. The American Express Virtual Pay credit card needs to be topped up before it can be used. So if you’re broke for that month, you don’t shop. It’s that simple, and it helps you to keep check on your expenditure!
  3. You reduce your chances of being a victim of credit card fraud. At present, every credit card comes with a 3-digit security code at the back. For the American Express Virtual Pay card, this code is generated online every time you want to make a purchase, and the code expires after about 10 minutes. After that, a new code will be generated for each subsequent purchase.
  4. The MatchMove Virtual Pay credit card can be used on any online merchant that accepts American Express. In the near future, other card networks like Visa and Mastercard will join in the MatchMove Wallet bandwagon too. This means that you can use this card to pay for a lot of your fashion and beauty purchases online!


The only drawback of MatchMove Wallet is that in order to use your American Express Virtual Pay credit card online, you’ll have to be logged in to your MatchMove Wallet account at the same time. I suppose you could also say this is an added security measure.


I hope you found the above tutorial and review useful. Whether MatchMove Wallet will survive the test of time, we’ll have to see. But now, it’s time for you to win something!


Today, I’m giving away something – anythingof your choice! If you scroll back up to the first picture of this entry, you can pick an item from the collage above (just click on the item to see the product details). Alternatively, you can head on over to The Style Store and pick something you like. In addition to that, you can also browse through the following sites and pick something you’d like to win:


Then, leave a comment at the end of this blog entry, telling me the name, size or shade (where applicable) and link of the item you’ve picked. You can refer to the very first comment for the proper format. The giveaway prize will be paid for using my very own MatchMove Wallet American Express Virtual Pay credit card.


The only rule is that you can select anything you want (more than 1 item are allowed) so long as the total price is less than S$50 (including shipping fees, if any). The widget below records your participation, so make sure to fill that one up! Do take some time to read the terms and conditions in the widget as well. Good luck!


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Laced Ivory Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

pixel Giveaway: Laced Ivory X MatchMove Wallet

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