Fancl Ballet of Beauty

Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

I attended Fancl’s Ballet of Beauty event just this week and really had a great time meeting new people, as well as finding out more about Fancl’s products. Besides being thoughtfully chauffeured by a white Mercedes cab to and fro the event, we all had a scrumptious 4-course dinner, of which the menu we could pick for ourselves.


DSC 1942 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

Bistro Soori, with it’s modern interior and calming ambience, was the perfect place for the event.


DSC 1940 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

One of the chefs preparing our food while guests were still arriving.


DSC 1946 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

A picture with the director of Fancl. Look who’s the new ambassador for Fancl! Just kidding.


DSC 1945 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

My accessories for the night! The red ballerina was a charm I’d bought long ago and personally added to this bracelet by Tea Label Jewellery.


DSC 1965 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

A seat saved just for me.


DSC 1951 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

We each had a sachet of Fancl’s Calorie Limit pills before the dinner. Eat and you don’t have to worry about getting fat!


DSC 1953 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

My first course: Seared Scallops, Pistachio Pesto, Truffle Vinaigrette and Vinegar Pear Gelée.


DSC 1954 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

The second: Sautéed Garlic Prawns and Salad.


DSC 1976 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

The third course: Pan Roasted Chicken Breast and Root Vegetables. I loved the potatoes in this.


DSC 1979 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

My dessert: Pandan Soufflé and Strawberry Compote. The soufflé was only limited to 5 guests and I was very lucky to have it.


The food was amazing and just in the right proportion so that I didn’t feel bloated after dinner. The seafood was fresh, the potato skins were crisp and the soufflé was fragrant and just-out-of-the-oven. On top of that, Fancl – again, very thoughtfully – presented us with iced wheatgrass drinks, which were a healthy alternative to sodas. Now let’s take a closer look at the products we got to learn more about!


DSC 1936 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

The Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil. It contains green tea leaf powder extract to help remove free radicals on the skin’s surface.


DSC 1964 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

After removing your makeup, use the Fancl Washing Powder as a normal facial cleanser.


DSC 1974 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

Then, apply the Fancl Lotion (toner) and Milky Lotion (moisturiser). These can be used for day and night, like the Washing Powder.


DSC 1971 2 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

Finally, at night, give your skin an extra treatment with the newly launched Limited Edition Fancl Overnight Hydrating Pack.


I’m pretty excited about all these Fancl products, especially since they are meant for sensitive skin and have been formulated with the philosophy of Mutenka, a holistic approach to skincare, beauty and lifestyle. Besides that, none of them contain any alcohol, which means that it’s safe for me to use them all!


DSC 1984 3 Ballet of Beauty by Fancl

Ending the night with a bottle of Fancl’s TenseUp EX.


Besides Shu Uemura and Fairy Drops, Fancl is the one other beauty brand from Japan that I’ve gotten to know this closely and I’m pretty sure I’ll be keeping the brand under my radar from now on. If you’ll like to find out more about Fancl and its products, head on over to





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