Month: May 2018

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Try to detoxify naturally 

You can try adding a diuretic to this process as well. Diuretics like caffeine which is found in coffee and soda help to speed up the process of metabolism and rid your body of any trace of the substance quicker. If you don’t want to detoxify, just buy upass synthetic urine on sale.

If you do decide to up your water intake and use diuretics, make sure you add electrolytes back into your diet with sports drinks or other supplements. Drinking too much water can rid your body of essential vitamins and minerals in addition to flushing out the bad stuff. You should never drink more than 2 gallons of fluid a day.  

Take the cleanse even further 

If you’re really dedicated to cleansing your system in a natural way, there are some other tactics you can adopt to encourage the results to be in your favor.

In addition to consuming diuretics and rehydrating with water, you should add an overall multivitamin to your diet. Introducing a multivitamin into your system will help regulate the essential vitamins that your body need to maintain healthy cell function even if you’re upping your fluid intake. Make sure you follow the directions on the multivitamin packaging – each one is a little different and they can be dangerous if you take too many.  

Altering your diet to include more healthy foods is another good way to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. A diet high in proteins, fruits, and vegetables will help you stay healthy and strong throughout the process.  

You should also try to add exercise into your daily routine. While exercise is a standard component of healthy living, it’s also helpful if you’re trying to detox to pass a drug test. Sweating is another way for fluid and waste to exit your body, which can speed up the process since your bladder and kidneys can only handle so much fluid at a time. If you do choose to exercise, especially if it’s combination with diuretics, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated.  

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